Shake the focus! (new app)

  • Well, I wanted to make an easy way to switch between prefixes using just the monome. Since my cute little 64 has a built in accelerometer, I thought I'd also make some good use of it.
    How does it work? You input the prefix into the text box (no slash) and press enter, then enter the next prefix etc. Then you'll have a list in the menu below the text box. You can select prefixes from the menu there and if your monome doesn't have an accelerometer, then the fun stops for you there. If your monome has one, though, then read further.
    On your top left you'll see the lowest and highest values transmitted from the tilting of your monome. You'd better shake your monome to get usable values now. Done that? Then look to the right and set the values that will trigger the focus switching. Better have those within the low/high values, but not to far within (better do some fine tuning there, don't wanna mistakenly switch apps while in the midst of a nice mlr run). Then you're set to shake. Shake it up and you'll go up the menu, down and you go down. It depends on the cable orientation, though. I have it on the left.
    Then there's the option of sending the tilt values through MIDI. Maybe not the best feature to have there, as the nature of the app is to shake the monome up and down and that of course goes through MIDI too. But I wanted to put it in, but of course I made it optional.
    Anyway, I'll post the app in the next thread, as I tried posting it in the first thread earlier after writing a similarly long text, but then got an error.
    So, next post...

  • Here we go:

    edit: I added the OSC-route.mxo to this zip plus I built a collective which I included as well.

  • oh, and if you don't have the CNMAT objects, you'll have to add OSC-route to your Max/MSP externals. Don't worry, it's here:

  • Can you change the ShakeFocus file to have the right file extension. I'm not sure it would load on a PC without it. Also OSC-route.mxo has some weird file that doesn't uncompress properly.

    When I first open it wants to "open a file" in max...what should I point to?

    I'm still testing tilt so maybe it's something with my setup.

  • ah, yeah... sorry i forgot to mention the load a file thing... it's just domething i added because i always forget to save/load preset files. you don't need to point that to anything, really, until you've saved a preset file and you'll get that option when you exit the program. i'll add the extension, you should notice a change in the zip above. Also, I'll add the OSC-route to that zip.

  • I'd love to see a video...

    Still waiting for my 64 and need something to quench my monome
    appetite. ;)

  • this seems like a sweet little utility. can't wait to try it out! (waiting for 64 as well)

  • i'll try to make a video as soon as i have the time. a bit busy these days setting up my workshop/studio, making hank drums, working, going to school, taking care of the family, and making more monome patches (you should see the next one, it's a new mlr type app, except I've been building it from the ground) etc. so, soon, maybe.

  • Hiya...

    I'm using MonoSerial for Windows 2.1.0 - kid_sputnik's just implemented tilt... hooray... and I've got it working with tilttest, monome_midi_64.mxb and bends 0.1...

    It is a bit unstable and MonoSerial needs closing and restarting fairly regularly...

    but I'm having no joy at all with Shake the Focus... nothing registers in the 'highs and lows'... both stuck on 0... and yes it's switched on. Does it require a prefix? what is it - couldn't find one in the thread... tried 'shake' and shakefocus'...

    any advice or ideas? would love to get this to work.



  • hmm... have you tried putting in some prefixes, then setting one from the menu before starting up the shaking? that might be the thing (still haven't worked out everything yet). also, since you're on windows, you might need a windows version of the OSC-route object which you can find here:
    it's part of the great heap of CNMAT externals for max/MSP, which can be found here:

    if none of those work, let me know. as i've said, this patch is still in the works, so i need some feedback on it. :)

  • hi 7oi and thanks... I'll use the windows versions of the OSC-route object and will try putting in some prefixes as suggested and report back... happy to be an alpha tester ;-)

  • excellent! i actually haven't had much time to test this program myself, that's why i posted it really. i just tested it a little, it worked fairly well (not perfectly, mind you), then i posted it, both to share it as soon as possible and to get feedback for changes/fixes.
    it'd also be nice if the guys that keep on making programs for the monome could take a look at it and give pointers, as this is my first monome app. anyone?

  • hiya 7oi

    up and running with this now... and very usable it is is too - nice one.

    it was (too) late last night when I tried this and apart from not noticing I had the OS X version of the OSC-route object I hadn't even put it in the right place... so I downloaded the version you linked to and copied it to the 'externals' folder in the 'Cycling '74' folder inside the 'Max 4.6' folder... (good to be explicit here I think - I'm new to Max myself too) restarted Max and voila...

    by adjusting the trigger velocities to about 50 each side of the 'The highs and lows' readings I'm able to switch between patches with a gentle tap of my 64 aganist my hand - like a tamborine - but stay safely working within the patch otherwise... even if I put it down (gently) on the table for a bit...

    I've checked the MIDI out and it's working fine... and I can see the value of having a constant controller data stream on its own channel - bends only sends when its selected for instance...

    pattern save not working... but I think you said that...

    aesthetically I'd refine the design a little - a bit too pastel for my tastes - but Max has a definite 'look' that's hard to avoid... personally I'd go for something more understated - it's purpose after all is to run in the background un-noticed doing it's job reliably and without fuss... ;-)

    well done...

    hope this feedback is useful... will keep my eye on it for new versions...