Communication breakdown...

  • So after months of perfectly fine monoming I had to do an OSX re-install on my laptop drive after replacing the hard drive. Long story short, I now cannot seemingly get the monome monomeserial app interface to work properly.

    Short story long:
    Big picture: Mac osx 10.6.4, walnut 128
    -Monomeserial (using latest 20100822, as well as tried previous 2 versions for all of these cases) won't seem to accept prefix change orders.
    -Button presses will be captured and sent to some apps just fine it seems (all max or m4l based), however no LED responses occur (I've used all of these apps many times, I know what I should be seeing). This includes the monome_test app.
    -However, when using molar (and this is the really messed up part)... when I "shift-click" on buttons on the molar gui, the monome LEDs light up as expected, however there is no button response when pressing buttons on the monome. The _exact_ opposite of the last symptom.

    Here are some things I've done which were suggested in other forum posts, with no effect:
    -Re-installed latest FTDI VCP driver, monomeserial. Tried older versions of monomeserial.
    -Deleted monomeserial preferences file
    -Fixed broken permissions on disk with disk utility
    -Re-installed java (for the heck of it apparently)
    -Turned off firewall just incase it was blocking OSC packets
    -Rebooted, of course ;)
    -I was using monoroute, but for testing purposes I've reverted to using only monomeserial with the defaults (, ports 8000/8080)
    -Tried using netstat -a | grep 8000 (and 8080) to see whats happening with the sockets, but apparently nothing is... maybe I don't quite understand how OSC uses these ports, I figured something would show up as listening for sure... separate issue though.
    -Searched for all kinds of help in the forums... no luck yet.

    I'm going to try an older FTDI VCP driver, but it really seems like something is getting lost in the communication between the app in question and monomeserial. It is certainly suspicious that apps suddenly can't seem to tell monomeserial what prefix to use. There was a topic about that particular case earlier, but the solution yielded no results for me.

    Anyway... if anybody has any ideas let me know. I need to get started on MCRPv8!


  • Bump/update:

    I happened to have my old hard drive so I stuck it back in and all of the symptoms disappeared and everything worked normally... As such, I decree that this is some kind of weird permissions/OS background issue that is preventing proper communication somewhere in the chain between monome and app. I have had permissions issues since I re-installed osx over the old version, but disk utility's "repair permissions" function seems to have fixed most of that. Anybody at all out there have any suggestions as to what in particular could be needing a fix?

    As for me, I'm going to start trawling dmesg and other logs.... grr.


  • this is a truly insane problem, i'm clueless. i hope you can figure something out quickly.

    just to test the ftdi/serial business, try 256_serial_howto in the howto folder of monomebase. that way you can skip the network port junk.

  • AH! Interesting... I can use 256_serial_howto for direct communication and everything works fine. Thus... there is something wrong with the network port deal. At least that narrows it down. I already turned off the firewall, although it shouldn't work on the loopback interface anyway. Lets see where this takes me...
    thanks tehn!

    By this point I should have just done a virgin install of osx and re-installed all my apps / restored data. I've spent days debugging other small problems too!

  • Turns out molar works fine (I forgot I set my molar port to 8001 (whoops))... this is a max issue.