galapagoose performance vids

  • @galapagoose thank you very much for your response...I think i should have a better look to the current mlrV as i had loads of problems while interfacing with Ableton.

    @Stephen I owned an MPD32, sold it for launchpad and monome, I sorted the issue of crap sensitivity thanks to this topic on Ableton forum

    Please be aware that you have to apply the tape to the bottom of the plastic pads and not on the main board...

    Hope this helps

  • In which program do you trigger the drums with the mpd, galapagoose?

    o crap, now i see that its ableton.
    but you say "for now"
    could you elaborate?
    and is there any advantage with mlrV in comparison to the other mlr's for your use?

    great performance btw!

  • mlr (not v) can not have slice mode i think? so to do what galapogoose is doing here you would have to press the stop button every time you pressed a button...

  • i've seen this a few weeks ago but just got time to post here. fantastic performances, so so great.

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