Five12 Numerology

  • Used this program a bit earlier this year, promptly forgot about it (although I thought it was pretty cool). Today I was brainstorming a monome app I wanted to make and realized that it would just be numerology controlled by a monome. I went back to their site and saw there's a new version being released soon and it supports OSC! Does anyone here use this? I feel like it would be a great live tool when used with a monome.

  • There seems to be launchpad integration already? Anyone played with this? I like the term compositional environment...

  • He, thanks for reminding. Forgot all about them.
    Strange that this program doesn´t seem to interest anyone.
    They definately deserve support I think.
    Works nice as rewire with Ableton.

    I watched all the launchpad videos, got the demo version
    and finally couldn´t resist to buy the 2.3 version ($119).

    LP vids here:

    My monome 128 is integrated in daily work, but my recently
    bought Launchpad has been neglected more and more.
    Actually thought about selling it again, but...
    with Numerology it woke up again. They really did a great
    job on how to use the LP with Numerology. Watch the vids
    (three parts of them).
    Really interesting concept. It has quite a few great possibilities
    in sequencing stuff!

    And it has OSC support with version 3. I am a noob in developing
    things, but I think that this app has awesome possibilities to
    use it with a monome. I wish that there would be more people interested
    in this.
    Right now I am using it as rewire and have midi go to Ableton, but
    you can also use au within Numerology as well. Really fun.

  • you can get version 3 at

    it runs in demo so anyone can check it out.

    i was checking out beta v10 and seemed very cool (although crashed a lot). i've not had a chance to look at the latest.

    osc implementation seemed very straight ahead.


  • I didn´t get version 3 yet, because version 2.3 is probably more stable than the newest version 3. It is also possible to update to version 3 at a price which is the same as when you buy Numerology 3 directly.

    I had no crashes at all, sweet and stable. I can control 4 different sequencers with the LP, changing pitch shift/notes/gate/velocity/repeats/skip/lenght/etc. on each one of them. It is possible to create some really awesome stuff with it.

    Love it. Monome integration would be really a dream with Numerology!

  • Yeah, version 3 is sorta crashy for me, but it's great with a launchpad.

  • Thought I'd bump this to see what people are making of this. Looks really interesting especially with OSC in the pro version.

  • i too have been following this without buying in, keen to see a better sequencer than lives piano roll...

  • I love numerology!!

    And btw it seems there is sth in the pipeline concerning monome integration...

    I'm very excited! :-)

  • Wuuhh, exciting! I´ve been using Numerology 2 with the Launchpad as rewire with Ableton so far , but monome integration, ohlalalalalo.
    Great that Jim of Numerology jumps in on that. I remember, that I asked him about a year ago what he thinks about monome integration and he was not to positive... and now this. Nice!

    He mentioned in the thread:
    "You will need some sort of secondary controller for navigation. An iOS device w/ TouchOSC would be ideal, but a MIDI controller would work also, or some other programmable OSC source..."
    Mmmhh, I wonder what are the exact/best options here?

  • that's a good question mism...

    I was hoping the navigator buttons would be done with a momentary layer or sth... otherwise hopefully my iphone will do the trick...

    we'll see...

  • Whats a momentary layer, sorry?

  • Like shift functions... when shift button pressed you would be able to switch the mode or other stuff (like the navigation buttons on the LP) with the grid...
    or even two buttons and the layer keeps until selection, then switches back...

    However this is not gonna happen... Touchosc with all nav buttons labelled is really the better solution... (I for one really don't wanna memorize all the control pages :p) The LP has clearly the advantage of being multicolor, and with jims handy stickers you know what everything is; imagine such stickers on a monome, NFW! ;-))

    But his view is really not interfering the 8x8...

  • OK thanks "!", I thought it would be something like that, but
    wasn´t sure.
    The multcolor advantage on the LP is not really an advantage
    for me cause I´m colorblind.
    I think I got used to remember complex apps with many different
    button presses, for me it is just a matter of time to remember them,
    but I understand Jim´s point of view to keep it as simple as possible.

  • Wow, just discovering this's awesome, seriously. Best discover for a long long time.
    This seems incredibly straightforward and powerful. Thank you.

  • Yeah, it's VERY powerful.. I just digged deeper and was pissed I haven't done it earlier..

    BTW The new 3.1 comes with more Launchpad goodies.. But that's really only the tip of the iceberg (but a shiny one!)

  • For you regular numerology users, I am going to paste a question here that I just left in the five12 forum:

    Numerology has been on my wish list for a while now and have been watching some vids and reading some threads. This seems awesome.

    However, I just have one general question about numerology that needs to be answered which will be the deciding factor if it's for me. I'm not asking to show me how to do it, I just would like to know if it's possible and if the situation is practical and feasible for live sequencing. (live as in quick composing purposes, not live show, but reall the same I suppose)

    As a small grid controller being used for live sequencing, I notice, at least for monome apps, that it's common to use scales assigned to rows since most layouts are 8x8 or less, unless you own a large monome. I prefer chromatic scales but my monome is to small for this. It's 8x, like the LP. So my other logical work around is being able to change the pitch of an individual note or notes on the fly without effecting the rest of the notes in that row.

    And from what i've gathered from trolling this forum, it seems that the above seems plausibe, but i am not certain from what few demos I've seen. The fundamentals of numerology seem to consist of something like a pitch rack or device, gate, and whatever else.
    So I'm guessing that with a monome or LP, along with another controller like my UC-33 (non-continuous knobs), I would be able to obtain such a setup??

  • Yes, there's the MatrixSequencer where you pick any 12 notes (on the LP you then have 2 pages of 6)

  • Thanks..Huh...that simple? Other than the color schematic, what is it about the LP that Jim did to make it so appealing to numer users?
    For example, the toggle page thing; is this something exclusive to LP that he programmed? Can one do it with the monome with just midi mapping?
    I'm just trying to get my head around what the monome lacks in function other then the colors?
    Perhaps I'm undermining how important the colors can be since I don't use numerology yet?

  • did you see the last 3 vids of this page?

    It's really only clever control over the note and in the new version cv sequencers.. also realtime input added like in the video of cdm...

    monome is not supported yet, not sure about how far osc/midi control already goes...

    Also have a look at the vid about discrete sequencing... Numerology essentially is a modular signal processing beast...

    But I have to admit I used it half a year only via launchpad, rewired to live for midi sketching (now even as VST possible)

  • Thanks ! .ok between you and the five12 thread I started, I now "get it". Yes I had seen the vids already but the faders functionity didn't stand out to me (even tho that was the focal point :P)

    "You can setup each sequencer fader to reflect a
    MIDI CC or OSC address (pro version)"

    Pro version is needed just for OSC? Or MIDI mapping as well?

  • nevermind Jim informed of everything over there. thanks again :-)