MAX/MSP: GlobalTransport in Runtime?

  • Yo! So, I've been cracking on my first app for monome lately, and I'm nearly done (I think). I've been sending it over to @egon77 & @active & @flplsx for testing, and with this latest version that I sent them somebody finally thought to open my app up in runtime mode... well that lead to the conclusion that my, "shit don't work" (as @active put it). We noticed there is no "extras" menu in runtime of max, and that means the end user who just has runtime won't be able to get to GlobalTransport, which means.... my "shit don't work."

    As I'm using the (awesome) monomecontrol objects for this app, GlobalTransport has to be running...

    Any ideas from any of you how to get it to work? I would post code, but I'm trying to avoid releasing snippets of it to "the public" until I'm sure it's done. If I have to post it, I will though.

    Holler back.

  • try pasting this in:


    its a bpatcher with GlobalTransport.maxpat loaded in. i have a feeling you can just use the [transport] object instead, have a look.

    ps i'm happy to test if you need an extra pair of eyes/hands.

  • Ahh snap! That fixed it! Thanks!

    Should be a matter of a few days (hopefully) until I release the app now.