Myr's first album release - Mothers Against Noise Album released on TwentyTwelve Recordings

  • hey,

    the collective I'm in just got an album of our music released on the Detroit netlabel TwentyTwelve Recordings.

    it's up on Juno, Digital Tunes and the like for purchase and preview listening.

    it features two tracks from me, on which the monome was used extensively for improvising, composing, playing in beats and melodies etc.

    the other tracks and artists are well worth a listen to.

    check it out and let me know what you guys think!


  • ill definitely get round to checking this tonight mate!

  • @ raja

    cheers man!

    yeah we're all trying to push this kind of music we're currently calling DubFunk. Derived from the name DrumFunk used for intricate drum programmed Jungle and Drum and Bass.
    It's around 125 - 150 bpm, two-step groove, deep sub bass and intricate jungle style breaks.

    you can find loads more stuff on soundcloud going to checking the Music page and listening on the soundcloud widgets.

    i'd also really advise checking out Duskky, one of the guys on the album, who has his own free for download album out on an irish label called acroplane.

    check it out, especially the track Ku, one of the best things i've heard in ages, really pushes me listening to what we're everyone else in the collective is making.

    sorry to keep going on, but it's good to find someone really into the dubstep breaks type stuff. really been loving the snippets and videos i've seen and heard of your live stuff on the tour. amazing work. just wish i had the money to fly you over to london for some of our next gigs, i think your stuff would go down really well over here.

    also check out an artist called Wagawaga:

    and James Blake if you get a chance:
    Sparing the Horse is one of the best tunes i've heard all year.


    cheers man, let me know what you think.

  • hey myr,

    ill be checking this out thanks!
    i totally meant to come to your night with Lorn.
    i trust he smashed it?!!!

    btw where abouts in london are you based? im in clapton


  • @ Myr
    Thanks for all the recommendations! I'm also really diggin on wAgAwAgA.

  • @alex come to the London show at loom club in central

    whole lotta dubstep/idm/house/experimental goodness will be going on ;).

    free entry!

    and happy hour too if you get there early...and bring friends!

  • Me likes Second Lines's 'phlegma break' and especially...
    Duskky's "CapR1a" because it reminds me of grooverider's "mysteries of funk".
    I really love the vibe on that album and I haven't heard anything which vibes in that fashion until stumbling upon CapR1a.

    So I don't if or how involved you were with that particular track but please give my accolades to whom it may concern, i'm purchasing it as i type :-)


  • @ alexsg
    Yeah was a good night man, wagawaga was sick as well.
    More nights on the way soon hopefully.
    Currently studying at Brunel uni so I'm out in the sticks in Uxbridge west London. I'm central pretty often though. As Dean says come down to the monomer night at loom near Oxford circus if you can, free entry and lots of monome.

    @ baubie
    Cheers man!
    Made by a mate of mine called duskky. Check him out on soundcloud, he's also got a free album out on, it's near the top right of the page and features ten tracks of the same kind of stuff, I think you'll like it.