Faceplates and enclosures

  • Recently I was looking for some faceplates, one set for a 128 using bibo boards, a second set for a 64 using Sparkfun boards.
    After much searching and pricing I went with ZapCreatives (http://www.zapcreatives.com).

    For the four plates, including materials (each piece is cut from black acrylic) and postage I paid around £85. This was much cheaper than any quote I got from anywhere else.

    I ordered them on a Thursday afternoon and they arrived at first thing Tuesday morning.

    I've attached a pic of the faceplates as they arrived (they still have the covering on), I'll post another of the finished devices once my friend sorts out finishes off the wooden enclosure he offered to make for my 128.

    In discussion with them it turned out they'd previous cut faceplates for other customers from the templates I'd sent through, even a 512 (looks huge!). I think I got them hooked on the monome while talking to them, that's how I got hooked on making one, from vimo/youtube videos from a post on makezine ;)

    I believe they're also working on developing an enclosure kit. If I find out any more I'll let you know.


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