Logic Pro 9 native OSC Support

  • Now that Logic supports OSC is it possible to make the monome work with it without adding MAX in the picture?

  • If you have an touch ipod/iphone you should check out: http://hexler.net/software/touchosc
    There are a couple of tutorials about using it with logic. Hypothetically it should be possible to make the monome work with logic without using max.

    I don't have logic 9 but if logic accepts "OSC controller assignments" then it should be good to go. The only thing would be having to assign all the parameters (considering that the smallest monome has at least 64 buttons). Something like MLR may be way too difficult to make in logic but something like a mixer, volume, faders may be easier.

  • This more or less requires that the apps you want to run in Logic (without max) be rewritten from scratch. Assuming Logic gives you the tools to do such complex scripting, it may be possible. But you'll probably have to make that happen yourself.

    Why? Well, practically every developer here already has Max in their workflow (in some form or another), so there's kind of a motivational hurdle to get past.

    Likewise, developing stuff for the free Max runtime (or PD, Java, etc) gives them a broader potential user base, as it's free, works with more than one DAW, and isn't platform specific.

    I can tell you I won't be developing monome apps for Logic any time soon, because my laptop's a PC (which won't run Logic), and because my own work is heavily invested in other DAWs. But, that's me. I don't speak for the group.

    But really, the only answer answer to any "is it possible to" question is "Try it! Every experiment teaches you something valuable, even if it's not what you were hoping to learn. So give it a shot, and report back with your findings."

  • I do have touchOSC. It works great with logic, no need to start up hundred different programs to make logic understand the control messages. It's quite a breeze now.
    But I would still like to see it understand osc from the monome. since it has a very unique modular base in it's environment i think it shouldn't be too hard. Though the environment is not as detailed as max or pd. I would love to see more math modules in the environment.

  • ok, this is so far a no-go... From what I've learned after trying is that Logic only accepts incoming OSC messages IF an iPhone or iPad is connected. However, Logic connects with TouchOSC via bonjour, so maybe someone's smart enough to hack it...

    It was easy enough to fork out the osc messages used by TouchOSC in Logic. If anyone's interested I attached a list messages.