idea of mod for mlr

  • I was just thinking.
    How hard would it be to program so that you could have 16 steps on a 64?
    I was thinking that one sample maps to two rows.
    this way you would of course not have more than 4 samples of 16 + 1, 8, but you would get the resolution of a 128. what do you think?

  • i did this once...

    and mentioned it [[|here]], though i can't seem to find it on my hard drive, or on google...

    should be a good way to learn max if you feel like reinventing it...

  • If you are interested I built a slider object that uses two rows... While it may not be super useful it could help show the logice of streching things over two rows/columns

  • Full on double slider. Hehe

  • here's a little something i made especially for you.
    it does exactly what you asked for but for every row. so you have two rows of top row controls and only 3 samples.
    instructions included, will only work with mlr for now, let me know how it goes!

  • wow this is what i call good service! haha
    thnx so much!

    it works with buttonpresses, but i don't get the led to work. are they working for you?

    anyways, a big smile for making this so quick!

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  • silly mistake, try this instead.
    aha thanks :)

  • Hi guys!
    Need to download this patch but seems that the link is not working anymore! How can I get it?
    I was trying to find some stuff to have my 64 running mlr but with 16 steps... any other suggestions? mlr3 seems to have something like that but can't downlad the preview patch too!!!
    I need a help from you, wonderful community! :)


  • sorry guys... my mistake!
    i was not logged in! sooooooooorry!!!!!!! :)