mlr_2.27_maxforlive TheAlphaNerd edit (Now With More Stuff!)

  • Hey guys I made some very small changes to the stevieraysean mlr_2.27_maxforlive port.

    There was an embedded patcher called “button” that was causing some strange things to happen in max4live. So I changed the name of it and replaced all the copies of it within the patch

    Later releases were having problems with the autofocus implementation… specifically causing java script errors and not allowing this application to run with other autofocus apps. To avoid this I added a simplified autofocus instead (copied from my depth of field patch... no script).

    The patch now runs without any major errors in the max window, and autofocus' monomeserial to ”/mlr” on track or patch focus.

    I do have some ideas of other things that could be added to this patch if anyone is up for it.

    1) Slice option
    2) Improved de-clicking
    3) Adding second page of clips and having second function button switch between two pages (instead of record mode options)

  • nice one man! runs sick!

  • gonna check this out after work thanks!!

  • the patch doesn't seem to be working properly on my gs128. i use the monome in horizontal mode so i can manipulate 16 steps of a sample. with the new edit, any button presses from column 9 - 16 isn't recognized. as a result, you can only manipulate the first 8 steps; the last 8 is only good for playback.

    can anyone else confirm this problem? if so, can the patch be tweaked for 128/256 users?

  • Btw. Just realized that your documentation button and license information buttons don't work. Went to re-read how to save files in MLR and it just brings up a blank window. You probably deleted it from the .amxd folder.

    Not that crazy of an error since I can read it elsewhere, but still.

  • this is great!! i can NOT get it to crash. the old version i had to be really carefull not to press to many buttons to fast. this solves this program 100% :D jessssss!

    tnx. i have no issues

    grayscale 64

  • Seems like everything is working great except the button presses only register on the first 8 columns on my 128. The last 8 will light up but don't respond to presses.


  • Working on it right now... I think I know what the problem is...

  • I had the same results, but assumed it was user error.

  • No... there was something implemented to make note pressed record as automation data in ableton... this broke a couple things... being re-implemented

  • Ok so that took way longer than expected... BUT

    here's something to play with. I think I fixed the problem with the 128 and 256, let me know.

    There is a slight error now where by the patch will not producer audio the first time it is used after a fresh start of ableton... atm the solution to the problem is to open ableton... load the patch... delete it... and now it will work properly.

    Does anyone have an idea why it would be doing this?

  • hi, this is cool, i managed to get it to work on the 64 with only monomeserial but now i'm trying to get it to work with MonoRoute so i can use the 256 and 64 with several apps. Molar works great but mlr doesn't react. trying to use a custom port (8356) as i usually do with monoroute but no luck. have a look at the attached screens, am i doing sth wrong ... do i need to edit the patch and change some ports in there or is the field under the autofocus the only thing i need to adjust ?

    btw, what is the difference between the two versions:
    mlr 2.27_thealphanerd_edit.amxd
    mlr aes 0.4_thealphanerd_edit.amxd

    1336 x 203 - 123K
    462 x 703 - 71K
    462 x 703 - 71K
  • The patch can be a bit misleading... the pot that you put in is just for the autofocus... you will need to go in and manually change the ports for input and output atm... but I think I made the embedded patch's for a lot easier to find in my edit. The two patch's you need to change are p oscInput_mlr and p oscOutput_mlr... there is a comment underneat saying "Go here to edit communication stuff"

    Aes is a mod to the original mlr that has 6 choke groups and two function buttons... this allows you to have 6 choke groups, 4 pattern records, as well as a scene shift up and down on a 64 button monome...

    unfortunately there is not support for added functionality to the upper row for the 128 or 256 atm...

    Personally I use the aes version and prefer it :D

  • thanks for the fix myles...columns 9-16 are now recognizing button presses once again :)

    btw, i couldn't reproduce your error. after i shut down live, reopen, load the project & load the samples in the patch, i can start mashing away immediately and hear the audio.

    anyway, will try this patch on other projects and post again if i come across any problems.

  • hey thx, it's working now :)

    one question, on the 64 everything is upside down, i have my cable set to TOP in monomeserial but its upside down ... not sure where this is comin from

    in any case, thx so much for making this conversion !

  • another issue popped up with the aes version, i could edit and save the other version ok (still upside down thou) but with the aes version Max asks me to resolve conflicts before i can edit ... the first times i edited it there was a whole list of conflicts and i chose the device version for everything, now there is only the ch.maxpat conflict left and i tried both disk and device version without any change, as soon as i save the stepgrid dissapears (see screenshots)

    now that you sold me the aes version i had to try :)

  • Delete the version that you first used and start with a fresh copy.

    If you open a patch... and unfreeze it, it needs the physical files on your computer to run... once you re-freeze and save it the files are re-embedded including any changes you made.

    So if you saved the patch unfrozen and deleted the files you would lose them and the patch would be broken.

    Aswell if you have other copies of the sameobject names (such as between mlr and mlr aes) the conflict is max finding multiple copies of the same object in the search path.

  • As well I am running a max with
    Os 10.6.4
    Ableton 8.2.1
    Max 5.1.5

    So perhaps updating max may solve some issues... also I would delete any copies of older mlr patch's and any unfrozen objects that may have been left in any of max's search path's... this could be causing some errors

  • I am running
    OS 10.4.11
    Max 5.1.4
    Ableton 8.2.1
    and a Monome256 and everything works !

    Thank you very much for your effort to make this version !


  • @alphanerd, on the subject of needing to delete and reload the patch upon initial load, i too am experiencing this, but with a purely midi and hid based patch, until i delete and reload the patch, the final output live.dials dont respond. The funny thing is if i open the patch up, they appear to be working, but not from within live. A delete and reload, and presto, dials function again. Odd, not sure if its the same issue as you're having, but fyi...

  • Yeah... I attribute that kinda stuff to max4live bugs... perhaps I should write cycling 74

  • I've added another edit...

    There are now two versions of each patch... one with a "Watcher" and one without. The patch's with watchers will have button press data that can be stored and automated by ableton.. while the watcherless patch's lack this feature.

    This was done as the watcher adds weight to the patch (256 subpatch's) and also adds an extra step between the data collection and the cue of samples.

    I wanted to have the option of using the patch without this feature for performance purposes

  • i figured out the upside down thing ... i must have assembled it back wrong when i swapped the faceplate recently ... all my apps are upside down ... duh

  • Lolol. They do say 80 percent of errors are human. And 60 percent of statistics are made up

  • Some objects aren't showing up in the aes non-watcher version.
    I'm using Live 8.2, OS X

  • Fixed the problem with objects not showing up


    added support for multiple monomes :D

  • Amazing!! Thanks so much!

  • is there any way to key map the reverse and +/- keys in the m4l patch?

  • Hello alphanerd,

    thanks for your good work but i have a weird problem with the watcherpatch.
    sometimes when i drop an aufdiofile on mlr, the monomeserial turns itself from monomedirection top to left, i never experienced this before.

    an idea what this could be?


  • Which watcher patch... original or AES?

  • are there anyways to key or midi map the reverse and +/- octave keys?

  • Which watcher patch... original or AES?
    both versions, i really have no clue how this is even possible.

    i tend to use your edit.

  • @ herreinholt

    I cannot seem to re-create the error that you are having, Which exact version are you using? do you see a change in the orientation inside the patch when this happen?

    @away message
    It is possible to add a key or midi map to any of those... but unfortunately it would be a very large task to implement it in a way that would be accessible.. to all users... BUT if you just wanted to customize the patch for your won use it would not me very hard at all. Try opening the patch up and doing it yourself...

    For key routing try starting with a key object... connect that to a number when you hit keys you can see the ascii number they create!

    So now pick which keys you want to use, make a note of the ascii numbers.

    Now connect the key object to a "select object". Label that object "select #1 #2 #3" replacing the #1 etc with the numbers you the ascii numbers for the keys you want. Now the outlets of the select object will send out a bang whenever you hit those keys.

    From there you should be able to figure out a way to pick between different options via key presses....

    Midi would be similar but require a bit mroe set up.

    If you are having issues feel free to message

  • thanks a lot for your work,

    i dunno why but somehow this does not work for me.
    if i open mlr in an audio or midi track(no matter which version) i get a working first row, but loading a sample and hitting a button on the corresponding row just lights up the button in front of the one i pressed where it gets stuck until i press another one. so pressing button 3 in the 2nd row will light up button 2, pressing 4 will light up 3 and so on - no sound. reloading does not change it.
    any idea what could cause this?

    best, jp

  • Do you have your transport running???? the patch will not work if ableton is not playing

  • yes transport is running.

  • also the original mlr 2.27 m4l version shows the same behavior now, (was working some time ago). i am on 8.2.1 - max for live in demo mode.

  • Soooo strange... I really can't explain why it is doing that.

    Are all other apps working fine?

    My only suggestion I could think of would be to do a re-install of ableton + max

  • well, somehow i seem to have broken it,, other apps like strettas suite are also nor working properly anymore...

    hmm, will do a reinstall of ableton and max.

    You mentioned that one should delete older versions, did you mean even older non m4l mlrs?

    anyway thanks for your work.

    gonna report back

  • Referring to your answer to away message on page one:

    Does that mean, I could set-up the Launchpads rightmost buttons to e.g. reverse the loop in the according row and, if I don't really use more than 4 loops, the lower 4 rows for tempo/pitch changes?
    Wow, I'd totally love that!

    Basically I have to follow your instructions and dig into the patch to disable osc controls for loops 5-8 and then reassign them according to your advise?

    Would that give me the blue midi learn buttons in Live (like it has already been enabled for audio thru (super useful for me, using the lower right button of the Launchpad for that), and groups volumes), or would that mean I have to hard edit the control parameters in the patch itself?
    Jeez, I have never dug into a patch before, but to get this working I'd go through with it, for it would make my live Live setup so versatile.

    Darn language barrier....
    I hope I'm making sense here.


    ps. I had heavy crackling in my sampled loops in Live 8.1.3 whenever a warped clip would end, or start, or change over to another warped clip, though the corresponding track was muted. This *completely dissappeared* after I updated Live to 8.2.1 today. Just fyi.
    Thats half a happy panda over here. Looking forward to customizing the patches internals to enable Launchpads control over reverse, tempo and pitch now to make a complete (or even a double) happy panda (all the way). ;)

  • @thealphanerd: thanks so much (and thanks to all the other devs) for all of your hard work on this patch. it's flippin amazing. i will try the edit when i have some free time and message you if i have any questions. thanks once again!

  • Good luck cracking it open!!! It will be an eye opener for sure... One thing you need to make sure of is that you "Freeze" the patch before saving and closing it... if you don't do that you might break everything!

    Also save your gratitude for StevieRaySean and Tehn

    My total work on this project has been less than 20 hours... I just went in and cleaned up some errors. :D

  • yes, sorry for using this thread, it was just the patch where i first realized the problem
    i had 8.1.5 sitting on my hardrive from the last update. when i open the patches there, everything is working fine. which is strange because they both use the same library folder. unfortunately i have no braodband access where i am right now so i cant redownload 8.2.1.

    thanks anyway and sorry for highjacking

    props to the nice people who make this all possible!

  • okay so.... as i dig myself deeper into mlr 2.27 (both the maxpatch and the m4l version) i have noticed the each has its own button press latency. i have gotten fairly proficient and comfortable with my abilities in the max patch version, but when it comes to jamming in the m4l version, i find that the latency is hindering my ability. any ideas as to how i can optimize my setup and make playback smoother? i find the latency whether i am using thru or multi outs (worse in the case of multi outs, or so it has seemed thus far, i need to test this more).

    once again, thank all of the mlr dev. team for one of the most awesome/beautiful/addicting/PWN apps.. EVER.


    system setup:
    mac osx 10.5.8
    live 8.2.1
    audiofire 4/12 interfaces

  • Hmmm... OSX update perhaps...

    If you want to minimize latency I'd try using the version without the watcher... beyond that I am unsure of what could be done to fix latency... you know it is set to 16n quantize as a default

  • do you experience the same press times in both the m4l version and max version (2.27)?

  • I personally don't have latency issues... come to think of it... what is your latency within ableton???

    Have you gone through the tutorial that is used to minimize ableton latency?

  • i don't have access to my monome right now, so i will try to explain what i am experiencing with how i remember it... basically, it feels as if there is perhaps.. audio latency? more so than 'button push delays?' i need to experiment with it more and i will report back asap. where can i find the tutorial to minimize ableton latency? (i believe i have done this already in the preferences, but perhaps we are talking about a separate process).

    i will experiment some more tonight when i get home and let you know.

    i am new to mlr so this could just be me being a noob, in which case i apologize!

  • @away message
    Did you check your quantize setting in mlr? If you don't set it right, it might seem as if something is 'lagging' though it is only quantized.

    Ok, I can see now why for example 'rev' can't be MIDI mapped. It seems to be a ch.maxpat which is duplicated 15 times. I got into the ch.maxpat and realised if I set a midilistener and would want to send a bang to the rev button (C0 for Loop1, E1 for Loop2, G#2 for Loop3 and C4 for Loop4), it would require programming which is above my knowledge.
    Since there is just one ch.maxpat I would have to dynamically check which one is being activated, or else every loop would go reverse when I hit any of the notes C0, E1, G#2 or C4.
    Or can I give dedicated bangs to the rev buttons of the channels in the rows.maxpat?