pages 2 alpha release

  • i discovered something cool in pages today. polyphonic legato. u just need to route midi keyboard page to duplicate legato synth patches, receiving midi from separate channels. the midi keyboard page sends midi on channels 1-3(or 5 on 256), so thats 3 legato voices, and each can have its own glide speed.

  • Hi there!
    I'm getting crazy, guys.. I've been fighting with my system to get it work for some days already, and tried every solution I saw here. So I hope you, phortran, or anyone could help me with this. The problem is Ableton integration.

    Macbook Pro i7
    OS X 10.8.2
    Monome 256
    Ableton Live 8.3.4
    Pages 0.2a46
    LiveOSC 8.3.3 (there's no 8.3.4 yet)
    mmj installed

    I think I never installed Python here (it's a new machine, still seting it up), but there are Python 2.3, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 files in the system O_O

    I hope my problem is not that I have a too much updated system.. :-P

    Monome apparently communicates with Pages properly: it changes pages and buttons activity is shown up in Monome monitoring window, and pages changes in.. Pages :-) changes pages effectively in Monome.

    I'm not sure about the MIDI setup in Ableton and Pages. I've tried different configurations anyway, with zero results. The red rectangle does not appear in Session View and there's no LED feedback of clips in Monome.

    I still get the same report in @micahbf's comment above, even after installing mmj. I tried to follow that url but I really don't have an idea of what is written down there...

    Here's what terminal outputs when launching Pages from it:

    MacBook-Pro-de-Fernando:pages-0.2a46 shinito$ java -jar pages-0.2a46.jar
    log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (socketLogger).
    log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.
    log4j:WARN See for more info.
    Reading configuration file: /Users/shinito/Documents/Pages/init
    MonomeConfiguration m0000139: created org.monome.pages.pages.AbletonClipLauncherPage page
    MonomeConfiguration m0000139: created org.monome.pages.pages.AbletonLiveLooperPage page
    MonomeConfiguration m0000139: created org.monome.pages.pages.AbletonSceneLauncherPage page
    MonomeConfiguration m0000139: created org.monome.pages.pages.ExternalApplicationPage page
    OSCFactory: began listening on port 62151
    MonomeConfiguration m0000139: created org.monome.pages.pages.MachineDrumInterfacePage page
    resolved device: monome\032256\032(m0000139)._monome-osc._udp.local.
    OSCFactory: began listening on port 12345
    Service registered: extapp-62151-m0000139 / _monome-osc._udp. / local.
    resolved device: extapp-62151-m0000139._monome-osc._udp.local.

    It would help me a lot if you could share your Ableton Live MIDI setup and Pages MIDI setup, to get that part out of troubleshooting focus..

    I will cook for you all and host you all in my couch if you put all this together!!!



  • shinito! hey i'm very sorry that i missed your post!

    do you have your IAC midi devices set up? you will need that to get sync between ableton and pages. to set up IAC:

    spotlight search for Audio MIDI Settings
    go to Window menu -> Show MIDI Window
    double click IAC Driver
    add IAC Bus 1 and IAC Bus 2, default settings are fine
    at this point close/reopen Pages at least and maybe Ableton as well if they aren't seeing your IAC devices

    now in terms of midi setup i usually designate one device as the Ableton -> Pages device (let's pick IAC 1) and the other device as Pages -> Ableton (IAC 2).

    Ableton MIDI Preferences:
    you'll notice there is an Input and an Output for every device. for IAC 1, the clock device, turn off any Input buttons that are enabled. then on the Output for IAC 1 turn on the Sync button.
    IAC 2 should be the opposite, Input should be on for Track and Remote, Output should be off for all.

    Pages MIDI Setup:
    you'll notice there are two MIDI menus, the main application one and another one in the device sub-window. the main one is the global enable for the device, this opens the device. the sub-window menu is a routing selection, you're choosing which devices should transmit to the selected page.
    create a MIDI Sequencer page and then turn on IAC 1 input in both menus and IAC 2 output in both menus.

    now when you push play in Ableton the sequencer on the monome should start to move. you can enable notes on the sequencer and ableton should pick them up.

    if midi is configured properly you will see the midi indicator light up. sometimes the midi indicator will light up but midi notes will not make it anywhere in ableton, ie. record enabled tracks don't get them, etc. installing mmj usually solves this issue. it may or may not be needed anymore however, and it may end up causing issues someday, so it's worth trying it both ways, but make sure you're getting the midi indicator light before you mess around with it.

    ok so that's midi -- as far as LiveOSC goes, you should use the 8.2.1 version on OSX and the 8.3.3 version on Windows. this is really terrible on my part and i apologize for the confusion, i need to fix this. this should solve the issue -- you should only need to drop it in.

    alright again very sorry for the delay in responding to you, i only just saw your comment because i was going to post an update. hope you can get this sorted out, feel free to come on irc and we can try to solve it if you're still having trouble.

  • a few developments in the pages world..

    good news:
    i just released a new version, this should fix tilt initialization issues. also new download link:

    bad news:
    i lost my server in an unfortunate hd crash, and the documentation site went down with it. i may have a backup somewhere but it needed to be rebuilt anyway. it's down for now but there is still some (somewhat old) info on the site.

  • @phortran
    i've been getting a lot of IAC dropouts lately so i decided to try without mmj. In my library/java/extensions folder i have a file called libwibucmJNI.jnilib. is it safe to delete this too?

  • hey elquinto, i'm not familiar with that file. it's most likely needed for some application on your system though. maybe move it to another location instead of deleting it?

  • Hey phortran, just wanted to say I'm still rocking pages and, having successfully migrated over to a macbook and osx, am ready to take the next step.

    My mission: To setup the 256 with MIDI faders in the top-left quadrant, a scene launcher on the bottom half, and a spectral display in the top-right. That last part is mostly just for show, but honestly I'm not using that part so it might as well look pretty.

    Any thoughts as to how I would accomplish that? I know there was a spectral display max path, and also one in Stretta's M4L suite way back when. I could never get either to work but it's been ages since I played with that. Assuming I find a suitable patch, how might I configure something like that?

    Suggestions appreciated!

    EDIT: Got the vu_spec patch working standalone. Just need to figure out how to get this wired into pages....

    EDIT #2: Did it! Apparently I just needed to post the question in order to figure it out for myself. Created an ExternalApplicationPage and it suddenly showed up in the vu_spec patch as a 'fake' monome I could connect to. Presto. Now if only I could figure out how to save the state of the VU patch so I don't have to set it up everytime.

  • awesome man! if i can be of any help just let me know.

  • hi tom,
    have you or anybody else tried pages with Live 9? is everything working?

  • i havent tried yet! i think midi functions should be ok but i wonder about the liveosc piece. been meaning to try, i will let you know when i know.

  • i briefly tried, step sequencer was working, but i couldnt get the clip launcher to go, so yeah, liveosc issues :]

  • I did a quick check with clip launcher and Live 9 yesterday and it seems to work for me so far using pages a46 with LiveOSC for 8.3.3. I am getting visual feedback and can use functions as always.
    SEEMS TO BE WORKING!!!! I´ll check once again tonight and let you know.

    osx 10.6.8

    edit: just checked clip launcher again and everything really does work well for me, also tried external m4l apps like boing and plinkonome, raptor and all work.

  • huh, good to know, ill have to give it another pass, see if i can get things rolling.

  • @mism - Great news!

    Ill need to recheck everything tonight.

    It didnt work for me with beta.

  • hi mism, how did you get it to work? copied the 8.3.3 script but still not working for me on L9.01...

  • Hi guys,
    I don´t know why it works for me and not for others... strange.
    Attached a piciture of my midi preference setting in Live 9. Not sure if they are supposed to be different, but this setting works for me to have clip launcher and the rest working.
    You all know the setting in pages midi in for sync so I won´t explain that further ;-)
    It really works perfect, loading different projects, visual feedback... everything is great.
    Live 9.0.1
    serialOSC 1.2a
    pages a46

    Good luck!

    486 x 310 - 34K
  • Interesting - clip launcher doesn't work for me - Live 9.01, pages a47, LiveOSC 8.3.3, OS X

  • Is it about the port settings in the Ableton setup bit of pages? Mine are 9006 and 9005.

  • Same here 9006 and 9005 and it works, strange.
    Is there a difference using 32bit or 64bit? I use 32bit.

  • I was having the same issues not being able to get Clip Launcher or any LiveOSC dependent page to work in Live 9 but after replacing LiveOSC 8.3.3 with the Older 8.2.1 like Phortran suggested it started working right away. Bigups.

  • thanks for the update and for trying to figure this out everyone. i need to rename these things.. for the time being let's run under the assumption that:

    LiveOSC 8.2.1 is actually LiveOSC for OSX
    LiveOSC 8.3.3 is actually LiveOSC for Windows

    i actually haven't tried live 9 with pages / liveosc / etc yet, all my spare time lately has gone into this new app i'm working on so i appreciate you guys fielding these issues.

  • pages working. fantastic :D

  • yes, it's working here as well! :D
    now if our lord phortran has some time and wants it, would be awesome to make a new ableton page taking advantage of the new mappable functions.

  • Im planning on creating a 'composition toolkit' to add on quadrants to pages. Think of holding down a button to delete clip ;)

  • sounds good

  • yes! i am very intrigued by some of the new api possibilities, a lot of the keys features that prevented me from being able to use it effectively (clip management stuff) seems to have been solved. i am definitely thinking down these lines.

    having said that i don't know how maintained liveosc is anymore and if it's better to look for alternative integrations -- maybe something m4l based? i understand m4l comes with suite now?

    and having said all that, i hope you all can migrate away from pages to this new thing when it's ready as it should be better in a number of ways and handle just about any use case that pages can handle today. but there's still much work to be done to get to that point so i hesitate even talking about it at this point.

  • Quote: " for the time being let's run under the assumption that:

    LiveOSC 8.2.1 is actually LiveOSC for OSX
    LiveOSC 8.3.3 is actually LiveOSC for Windows"

    I am confused, I use 8.3.3 LiveOSC for OSX with pages a46 and everything works just fine.
    Odd question, but what am I doing right that I got it working anyway... , just curious... and honestly a bit afraid it might not work suddenly.

    Plans sound amazing phortran!

  • hey mism, my guess is it has to do with maybe your osx version and/or installed python packages? i know osx comes with some form of python but i think you can install it as well? im not really an expert on that stuff unfortunately and haven't dug into it lately.

    i'm also pretty sure the only real difference between the two is windows support in the 8.3.x branch (if i remember correctly they removed the full python install from the windows version of live and including the socket library was required). at least pages isn't taking advantage of any special differences between the two, so using 8.2.1 isn't going to reduce functionality at all.

  • Thanks phortran, for now I´ll take special care not changing anything to keep Live OSC and Live 9 working for me.

  • The new api changes are exciting indeed.
    RE: LiveOSC changes - I think what ableton have done is kept the same api and only added to rather than remove or change existing (from what I can see at this point) which means good backwards compatibility (for now).

  • when I add my monome in pages, it tells me that the usb port has been drawing too much power and then deactivates it for a while.. tried this with 0.2a47 and a45 with osx 10.7.5.. anyone else experienced this or have any clue?

  • nevermind my post above. for some odd reason my mouse was the issue

  • seems that, at least, the live scenelauncher page is not working for the 256 :(

  • pauk, come on irc and we'll try to figure it out

  • I'm looking for a way to create a second page of 256 midi triggers with different note/channel assignments, but I can't find a way to achieve this. Am I missing something?

  • hi red, this was an unfortunate design decision on my part re: midi triggers page. i might be able to add a note# offset to help with this but i'd like to recommend the midi channeler page instead. it's a groovy page that has a dedicated midi channel selector, so you should be able to map up a lot more triggers. also you won't need to make separate pages and switching between channels is easier as it's a dedicated row of buttons -- no page change button needed.

    to run it you just need to create a Groovy Page, click load, pick MIDIChanneler, and click run. once you save your configuration it will load and run automatically.

  • thank you so much, kind sir!!
    this is fantastic and just what I've been looking for!! I should've tried it earlier. I guess this will absolutely be my new favorite page. Once again thanks for sharing this wondeful piece of code.
    best greetings from cologne to phoenix

  • very welcome, i'm glad to hear it's working! thank you!

  • hi all, here´s a question:

    because of an issue related to serialosc and ftdi(read here if you wanna ) i´m trying my luck reverting to the good old monomeserial
    now here´s the question: im using it possible to use pages via monomeserial and treat each monome individually? i need a clip launcher on one and an external app on the far it didnt work for me, but maybe im doing something wrong?


  • hi sbx, yes this should be possible. in monomeserial you'll want to set offsets to 0 and give each monome a distinct prefix. you will then have to create the monome configurations manually in pages via the configuration menu -> new monome configuration. use that twice and set ports/prefixes appropriately and you should be up and running.

  • @phortran great, that worked! the only thing is that it does not work if i save the config and i allways have to re setup one of the 40h´s (the cliplauncher one) in order for both of them to work, i wonder if theres a way to fix it? i can totally live with that for now if not but it could be nice ;)

  • awesome! hm sounds like a little bug, i'll take a look at it and see if i can figure out whats going on.

  • that would be great! if it helps, i do get led communication but no button presses on the cliplauncher one....

  • btw, the docs are somehow not available online and i cant find the mapping of the cliplauncher nowhere - i was wondering, is there a way to shift the clip launching window in +-1 steps similar to livecontrol?

  • hello
    i'm loving pages but just have one question, i sync the pages apps (polysequencer, keyboard etc) to an external clock source which is my drum machine, when i choose this source the polysequencer etc will start straight away (nicely synced to the midi clock) but when i hit play on my drum machine i have to time it to start at the right point with polysequencer, is there a way to slave pages to the external start/stop signal as well as the midi clock? -same as how parc and boiing work- (i also have the same problem with soyuz)

    many thanks for any help

  • I mac
    osx 10.6.8
    monome 128
    live 9.0.2
    Liveosc 8.3.3
    pages 0.2a47

    Ok, completely new to pages. I have added the IAC driver bus one and two in Audio Midi Setup.
    I setup ableton midi the way I was directed to.

    I open up pages jar file, and the window opens. From here, I don't even know what I am looking at. Without a manual I am completely lost.

    I setup a new configuration, but cannot figure where to go from here. Some of the comments i have read seem to direct me to menus and options I do not see. My goal here is to use pages to launch clips, and chop clips. Once i get past that point then I will start messing with adding more 'pages' of different apps. But for now, what do I do? Where can i read information on operating the program? Sorry to have to ask such basic stuff, I would much rather be digging through a manual. Thanks for your time [=

  • hi brave microwave,

    apologies, i need to make a new manual. do this..

    1) make a new configuration
    2) go to configuration menu -> serialosc setup
    3) click discover devices
    4) click add on your monome

    this will create a sub-window with a page menu. click the menu and select new page to start creating pages. your monome should light up right away.

  • dwb pages should respond to midi clock reset messages and go back to 0, like if you push stop twice in ableton. for example i'll use my machinedrum and sync it via ableton, also sync pages via ableton, and then when i hit stop/stop/play they both reset to 0 and start at the same time. hope this helps.

  • cheers phortran, yes the midi clock reset message gets through when i press stop on my drum machine, pages goes back to 0 but carries on running, then when i hit play on my drum machine there is no midi clock reset - so my gear starts from 0 but pages just continues from where it is.
    my problem might be that i don't use ableton, i just use hardware, some have their own sequencers and some which are sequenced with my monome.
    looks like i need to somehow introduce a midi clock reset message in with my midi play message?

    thanks for your response

  • i think so dwb, that sounds about right! im trying to think of another way you could do it.. currently that message is the only thing that will reset it. it's kind of crazy but you could try to build a max patch that responds to a midi button from your hardware and sends the reset to pages?