MCRP: Help or Heresy?

  • Having just struggled to complete my MCRPv8 entry, I found it very helpful (yet humbling) to see everyone's DAW screenshots for their various tracks. I don't recall this ever happening before and it was a fascinating glimpse behind the curtain.

    Being as new at this as I am, it would be amazingly insightful to have access to other people's .als files and project data (Ableton user here, I'm afraid). My assumption is that folks wouldn't mind sharing since all of us used the same sample pack as a base. However, I may be assuming incorrectly. Is this akin to asking a magician to give up his secrets? Are other people's work flows and presets closely guarded secrets?

    In other words, if it isn't asking too much or breaking some kind of unspoken code, would people be willing to post their Ableton project folders for the recent MCRP for others to dissect? Please put me in my place if this is asking too much. If not I would really appreciate the opportunity to learn from those more experienced than myself.


  • Want to make a dropbox folder we can share and just dump our sets into?

  • hey antiphon, great idea! i don't mind sharing at least. here's a self contained version of my track:

    all of the instruments are just audio tracks with a few impulse and simplers thrown in. mostly internal ableton effects. i think i have one instance of kore w/ a reaktor loaded up, but i was recording audio through it so it's not actually doing anything right now. i think there's a guitar rig on one of the return tracks too, but beyond that it should be all stock ableton effects/instruments.

  • Hi antiphon, this could be a new level of collaboration on MCRP sessions. It is always interesting to look behind the scenes. I'm sure people here are openminded enough to show a bit of their composition secrets...I will share my Live Session tomorrow, now is bed time...
    P.S: +1 for central dropbox folder

  • i will upload mine, too.But it,s big because i have the audio rendered and has very bad presentation.So when i clean the unneccesary i will upload.
    Mine is very easy textures came from a session of molar, after this i made dub delays of everything and this is all.
    I made other arragements, and this song really came the last because i was very frustated with what i did the last two weeks. i feel i have to improve when working with sample material, because is a totally different world that when you work with synths.

  • Hye maybe we should all do remix's of each other MCRP tracks for that Decibel album

  • Decibel album? where to find?

  • @phortran: downloading now, thanks!

    @thealphanerd: forgive my ignorance, but I have not used dropbox before. I'm happy to install and set it up, but it might take me a bit to sort it out. Any other ideas on a way to easily share these files amongst ourselves?

    And for the record I am happy to share mine, too, although it is pretty disorganized. The one thing I do have is a session view FILLED with unused bits and ideas. If anyone wants to peek into my process, the bits and pieces might say more than the finished product.

    Grab mine here:

  • Here is mine:

  • hey folks, the facebook ableton group im involved in just started a big bropbox based als share project, just along these lines. Very interesting, lots of potential. Since ableton hasn't got its Share webservice out the door, we'll just have to bootstrap it ourselves. Apply for a share invite here, or let me know of an email addy i can invite...!/home.php?sk=group_157478044284155&view=doc&id=159755490723077

  • @lokey

    sounds cool, would love to check it out! frankwrose at gmail

  • @Lokey
    i didn,t put on drop box because i though they say only projects with

  • Anyone who needs to sign up for a drop box can do so here

    I get free space if you sign up through me.... It essentially adds a network drive to your computer... you can easily share those files with other dropbox users

  • thanks thealphanerd! i just signed up, seems like a really nice service. sure beats manually scp'ing stuff up to servers and whatnot.

  • @bite, ive mentioned this with the group, i personally found the 2gb limit too harsh and wound up buying into the 50gb, which has a little more headroom. I find it very hard producing anything without 500+megs of recordings along for the ride, but i don't know. At the moment im sharing some of my smaller stuff, and we'll see how people take to it...

    @watson, share sent...

  • Dropbox is great - especially with the free iPhone and iPad apps. I contacted the guy via Facebook and he was v quick in adding me in.

    Now I've got to spot other monome users by their real names!

  • So what does this mean for those of us not on Facebook--no go?

  • Just wanted to add that I think this is a great idea. I am uploading my project now and will link to it as soon as it's done. I excited to peek behind the scenes at some of these projects.

  • Ok, here's my project file:

  • @egon: downloading now. Thanks for sharing.

  • @antiphon, facebook isnt required, dropbox is. I just need an email to invite to...

  • Ahhh. Thanks.

    jcoldslabs at the Google mail.

  • This is extremely helpful/awesome and also extremely confusing. I've come to realize that everyone uses ableton SO differently. A good friend of mine, whom I also do remixes for uses ableton in a way I didnt even know existed, and he is terribly confused with my methods too.

    for example:
    Me, moving to ableton from being strictly an MPC user before, I'm comfortable with completely separate sequences, hence I've never once used the arrangement view screen before.

    This should be interesting to look at.

  • @alphanerd, antiphon, ill send you guys invites to the ableton share shortly. I have other dropbox shares too (mostly works from noiseflowr, sixohsix and myself that we'll be releasing shortly under the postPostIDm umbrella), if you've got the space and the inclination, i for one would welcome remixilation...

  • I'm in the ableton share now :D

    would love to remixify

  • @lokey: got the invite, installing dropbox now. Thanks. No promises, but remixage would be cool.

  • hey, thanks guys, ive sent you the share to our rough tracks collection, it'll be going up through tunecore within the week, but more modifications are always appreciated...

  • Sweet! Here is my set. .its quite large though (750 mb) and will take 2 hours to upload from this time of this post. I recorded a bunch of 24bit stuff... free for the using.

    Its totally disorganized. But there is some interesting sounds in there... I was working with a bunch of stuff that I couldn't get together, then I just threw together my submission track. Oh and there are a couple of VSTs in there that you can do without.

  • @noiseflowr
    i get the message when i try to download :/
    Oops! (404)
    We can't find the page you're looking for. Check out our FAQ or forums for help. Or maybe you should try heading home.

  • Whoops, edited the post to remove the '...'.

  • Thanks again everyone for sharing. I have only started to pick some of these apart, and aside from a few head-scratching moments and missing VSTs, it has been enlightening.

    @Res/Raja: sorry for the Ableton bias, but it's what I got!