oh shnap - more samples!

  • Round 2, B Names For Girls is live! This is mostly samples from rolls of tape, cardboard tubs and paper, and a snapple bottle. As before, all CC so have fun and make some sounds!


    and if you missed the first one, A Names For Girls:


  • thanks active! runnin A names already... only got it yesterday!

  • these are great, thanks!

  • You're the sh!t Active.

  • wow! tnx!

  • dopeness! great samples. still haven't really gotten around to using any of them yet but i do plan at some point. thanks man!

  • used those a name samples on a couple of tracks I'll send you links later. thanks for uploading these.

  • these are great..tx

  • Apparently C names is done or almost done, but this loser decided to "get work" so he can "make money" for a couple weeks. pssh, noob

  • i think his being gainfully employed might qualify as being selfish...

  • what does he think he's doing?

  • i sense a new mcrp strictly based off of active's plethora of samples:) any nay sayers?!

  • haha. glad you all seem to dig these! c names is half done, but maybe it might just be a smaller pack. in the meantime i have just been getting the finishing touches on my ep! sooo close. then more samples. haha.

  • tasty stuff! some of the samples make for awesome snare hits.

  • @active, may i ask what you're using to record these? Im keen to get a contact mic one of these days...

  • hey there,

    thanks for the samples, they┬┤re really good.

    i used one of them as a bassdrum in this track.



  • have to bump this!

    lately i've been getting bored with straight up drum samples so i've been using both these packs. i'll take a drum rack and fill it with randomly chosen samples and start building from there. some awesome grooves come out with interesting hit sounds.

    thanks active and hopefully i'll put one together myself to share.

  • @lokey - for this session it was just a AT 4060, which, once i got over my own lack of interest in most AT mics, actually really like! pretty close miked with a ton of compress after the fact to get all those tasty transients in your face. i have to say i really like the h-comp in the waves bundle, adds a nice punch to drums, around the 500hz mark.

    @herreinholt - if you don't mind, i've add a link to your soundcloud page on my page with these samples. check it out: http://cargocollective.com/active#

    thanks for the love and support all! new ones coming soon, i promise! ;o)

  • Can't wait for C names!!

  • definitely excited for c names. i use both the others all the time and am probably over using them now!

  • Thanks for the B names, @Active! I used some of these in a piece I created this morning. I grabbed some of the crackly, crunchy samples and put 'em into the background, adding lots of reverb so that they sound a bit like waves on the seashore.