Diecast Aluminum Boxes

  • For those who will be getting kits soon, there are some diecast aluminum boxes that might fit the bill if you can route the holes right.


    10x10x4 about. Definitely deep enough to fit it all. They aren't cheap though. The sad thing is that a half a year ago they were half that price. Interestingly the ones that come with sealing are cheaper.


    It's too bad there isn't a deltron 3030.

    Also, hammond makes a largist square box but I doubt this would fit it.


    There are also some steel enclosures that might work, but they would probably bend under the pressure of button presses.

  • I've been looking at those too, but I don't like them.. they're too industrial and too high. I think the best solution for an all alu box would be to make it from extrusions and panels.


    I've got some of those extrusions over here, I'll take some pictures later.