i love this video

  • and thought i would share with those of you who have not seen it. the title of the track is spot on; as i sit at work.


    oh and there's an open invitation for animators to add characters and scenes. the source 3D models are available for download...enjoy!

  • That is a pretty sweet video, but I'm not sure if I sure I should report you to your HR for watching that at work. ha.

    What I'm even more interested in is that the models are all open source, I've been learning animation myself just for fun, so this definitely something cool to mess with. Thanks for the heads up.

  • ohh i've seen this.

    i love flylo. such a goofy guy.. he threw down this tim and eric soundbyte during the last time i saw him, was pretty cool.

    also download this..


  • Very cool video... Love Flying Lotus.

  • @MCDELTAT i think you should report me, then i'll have more time for monomes.

    @milo flylo is fantastic...and so is tim and eric