bibo boards + 128 faceplate, boards don't fit properly?

  • I have countersunk my faceplates, the buttons sit snug together however the bibo boards have a little overlay when I sit the bibo boards (in the same orientation) in top of the buttons. Is this something others have experienced? If so is the solution to sand/cut a slither of unused area from the board?


  • Don't know exactly what the boards look like, but measure both sides and see if they are equal in length. Might be a simple fix of rotating the boards?

  • The bibo boards look like this:

    My faceplate can be seen here:

    As I say the buttons all line up, I think there's just some extra space on the end of the PCBs which is causing them to no line up propperly when sat next to each other.

    I'll post a photo when I get home to show exactly what I'm talking about.


  • I'm not familiar with the bibo boards that much but you might have to rotate one 90 or 180 degrees. I know with the board I designed you have to rotate them since the connectors take up space

    Here is a little drawing I made up, this is for a 256 but you get the idea. The small black squares are the connectors.

    They don't have to face the same since you can just adjust the rotation setting in arduinomeserial.

  • Thanks Starfire,

    I was just about to post about the connectors taking up space. This is exactly my problem. I'll try your rotation method tonight.

    Thanks again.

  • Yeah dude, you need to rotate them. It's not a big deal...