app: munome_life?

  • Anyone know more about this app or its author? Can't find it anywhere.

  • looks great!

  • I love the way those small bugs create delicious speed metal :-)

  • you can get it here, seems it's just for mac :(

  • i wonder how this would work on non-drum material. looks like you can adjust the slices (for material without transients...). looks like a lot of fun!

  • I haven't seen the videos (apologies i'm at work) but this is an amazing life sequencer with monome support

  • anyone know what language/environment this was written in?

    glitch sequencer looks fantastic as well.

  • whoah, never knew these existed, what a great find!

    munome_life reminds me of monomahna with a completely different control scheme.

    new toys to play with....

  • this is very cool. be sure to try non-drum samples...ambient stuff, pads, etc. work really well!

  • @pauk: thanks for the find. I'm on WinXP, so it's a no-go here too. Bummer.

  • It seems one should be able to make it work in conjunction with Live (cf the Pref tab) or ReWire but somehow I can't figure it out.

    Someone have any luck with it so far?

  • If it's sending OSC messages you might be able to intercept them. Looks like it uses OSC.

    Also, this may be interesting:

  • can't get sound out of munome life.

    it's been a tough week for me and monome apps.

  • I figured that if you change the audio prefs you have to restart the app to get sound...