mlr quantize/responsiveness problems

  • Hi!
    Got my first monome yesterday. Been playing with it basically all day long. This thing is truly awesome.

    So yesterday I tossed a few breakbeat loops at mlr and started messing around with them. It was awesome. Really, really awesome. Saw the quantize button, life was good.

    This morning, I brought mlr back up the same way (monomeserial, set prefix to /mlr, open mlr in max runtime). dropped the same loops i was having a fun time with last night into the file drop, and started messing around. Problem is, this time it seems like the buttons arent as responsive, I'm not able to switch between sounds as quickly as I did before, even with quantize set to 1/32.

    I'm a noob at this, so I may have accidentally done something to make it work last time that I didn't this time. But I have no idea of remembering how that happened. Basically now if I'm trying to trigger one button over and over again in repeat by hitting it in succession on the beat, it doesnt quite land up that way. Before, it was. And yes, my timing is on tempo. So I'm not quite sure what's going on. Screenshot of my mlr:

    thanks for the help!

  • Just went through and tested it again, for some reason still having the problem.
    It basically feels like there's a delay between when i press the button on the monome and when the loop. Which, I understand that's what quantize is supposed to do, but I'm hitting it basically right on the beat, yet instead of playing it on the press, mlr seems to allow the marker to move on for a fraction of a second and then respond to my button push. im getting exasperated, i have no idea what changed between yesterday and today!


  • try fiddling with your dsp options. change the vector sizes, turn on scheduler in audio interrupt, overdrive, etc.