Anyone built a 256/128 from scratch ?

  • Hi all,

    I'm thinking about building my own 256. Are there any experiences, did someone try this already. (Maybe it's gonna get a 128).

    I had a 128 but lost it in a terrible accident (i died these days several times), but like to continue my music, the earlier the better. Well, i've a 40h here but there's definitly a bigger needed.

    I screened the information in the Wiki, the Forum, etc. and it would help me out if there were schematics for both soldering plates and a .svg for the faceplate, but i couldn't find one. Discussions about that issue confirm to me that no one offered that to the community yet.

    Another thing what i'm not sure is, that it seems that the buttons (cool butts) are made by Kelly and Brian and the same are not available trough any store. Am i right !

    Thanx for your Info about 256/128 schematics, faceplate-grafics and buttons.


  • forgive my curiosity but what exactly was the accident that destroyed your 128?

  • Uhm... that hurts. ;)

    I went on a skiing trip with my girlfriend and some friends to Windischgarsten in Austria. I'm from the south of Vienna and Skiing is, as you might know, and as we are pretty weak in soccer the austrians most beloved sport.

    After funny silvester in the snow and a nice breakfast on the 1st of the new year, my girlfriend got sick and her cystitis returned because of the cold weather and snow. we decided that it would be the best to take her to the doctor and to drive her home. Which is an average 2 and a half hour away from our vacation resort. After organising all things (her mother to take care of her, and stuff) i made my way to drive back to my friends to enjoy 2 additional already booked days in the snow. My girlfriend insisted that i should continue the vacation.

    Already on the road the UPS delivery boy called me that he got my monome and is in front of my door, so i turned around and was pretty happy to pick it up half an hour later at neighbours place.

    Again i made my way back to to my friends for 2 additional days of skiing. Everything was fine, my girlfriend went better, the monome stood in my room close to the bed (well i had not yet an electricity plug converter to try it out) and no jobs where coming in via email.

    On the last day we packed our stuff and drove home. And the terrible thing that happened is, that i put the monome in its nice packaging on the roof of my friends car. I forgt it there and it seems it fell off somewhere within the first kilometres.

    I just recognized that i didn't put it into the car 10 minutes before we arrived back home. I was really sad about that and try to reach every person we've met and i had som contact details. I contacted the innkeeper we've been with, the police, asked them if they could have a look at the street where we drove, street-service, etc.

    I drove back myself and scanned the hole territory, talked with the hedgehodgs i awakened from winter sleep and decoded yellow snow for any information.But it seems my monome is vanished or picked up by someone else, as there was not one single hint i would really wonder if he or she will know what to do with.

    It's kinda hard for me as i sold a lot of my equipment i've collected over the years, in attempt to find the ideal live tool for me. I bought Logic and love to programm tracks and loops to perform them with my 40h. I've been searching for good tools now for years, and well i resigned very often as i was not able to take my ideas to stage without just letting Ableton live run and do some click here and there hiding my head behind the laptop.

    With the 40h i'm able to stand on the desk on stage and perform like a real musician. With the 128 i wanted to become a rockstar with a futuristic 128-guitar.  ;)

    So thats my story. Too sorry.

  • that sucks. One day someone will find it and think 'what the hell is this thing?'. Maybe they'll come to the website and find this thread and track you down and reunite it with your lost 128. Maybe they'll make a movie about your story and McDonalds will buy the merchandising rights and give away little monomes with happy meals.

    Maybe on that day I'll finally go on my oft-mooted killing spree.


  • Damn Phreak, that's terrible! I hope some good person finds it and figures out how to return it to you.. if it's still in one piece...

    I once left expensive sunglasses at the roof of my car when I was in Ibiza.. After a few miles the sunlight was too bright and I couldn't find my glasses.. It suddenly hit me that I might have left it at the roof of the car, but it wasn't there anymore.. so I drove back and found my glasses again but a few cars must have driven over it.. as you might have guessed it was totally smashed!

    I've learnt two things that day:
    1. Never put anything at the roof of your car.. NEVER! And always check the roof before you get into your car.. A friend of mine once left her purse on my roof... It's a good thing I saw it before I got in...
    2. Never buy expensive sunglasses.. somehow they get smashed easier than el-cheapo glasses... :-/

    About building your own 128/256: You could combine multiple kits, it's been done before.. But I think the project costs, extra trouble and the design process isn't worth it.. I'd go for a new 128/256 if I were you...

  • Thanx restlessboy and xndr for your last words about 128 in heaven.

    I know about the 64-kits-to-128-threads here, but i 've the possibilty to get nice unsoldered boards for not much and a cabinetmaker at hand, so the rest will be getting schematics and faceplate-design (or doing my own), getting parts (expecially nice buttons) solder and a little glue ready. rather than combining two, i'd like to build one thats close as nice as the ones kelly and brian are doing (so i can revive my 128).

    I'm just checking if the effort is to high or not, waiting for the next 128 till mid of april... Puh, till then i could get drug addicted, hit by a plane, drown in spring-time rain, well, as i procude my tracks fitting to mlr it would be nice to build one for me earlier. for now i'm kinda stuck.

  • it wont save you very much money to buy all the parts separately and assemble them on "unsoldered boards." ive done it, and when you consider how much more work it is to make all the connections with wire, it works out to be a similar cost between making it from scratch and just buying 2 kits.

    let me put it this way, ive assembled 2 so far, and ive spent about 5 times as long troubleshooting them as i did building them. get your logic boards done right, buy the kits so you dont have to wire them yourself. also you wont have to wait very long if you go the kit route too.

    edit: and yeah man, i cant believe what happened to your 128! i really hope someone honest picked it up and is making an effort to return it to you.

  • __moment of silence for phreak's 128__

  • honestly, phreak, you should email tehn and see if he'd be willing to put a notice on the front page for a while. something that says your monome is lost and if the finder finds this page, they should contact you.

    more than likely, someone picked it up and has no idea what it is. but if they read the embossing on the back of the device they might do a web search and find this site. it's definitely worth a shot. hopefully some kind soul found and is willing to return it.

    best of luck. that really sucks, man.

  • that is such a sad story. i know it won't help but at least there are some people who understand you. the whole thing is not funny AT ALL but still i had to laugh at a point just cause i imagined somebody having a monome without knowing what to do with it. i don't think "normal" people can even imagine what it is ... but since it was in the packaging he/she might found out ... again, i' really sorry for your loss!!!!!!!

  • That is a very sad story and I feel for your loss. But you say you have a 40h, so maybe you can buy a 40h kit and make a second one, and there is your 128, just bigger.

  • Thanx for bringing in so much suggestions.

    @Paul Agostinelli: Thanx for your practic background infos. Lets see, which possibilities open up. For sure i need a 128 to continue my stuff soon.

    @stretta: Yeah,...