bus power upgrade pros & cons ... longer ribon cables ?

  • hey all ...

    i just ordered the bus power upgrade but haven't decided yet wether i'm going to put it into the 256 or 128 ... was wondering if there are any cons to this upgrade ? is it all good or does using the power supply have some advantages ?

    i'm also wondering if it's possible to put longer ribbon cables into the 256, i've taken it apart to clean the faceplate and had a really hard time putting it back together cause the ribbon cables are so short and i've got fat fingers :) ... if it's ok to change them, where can i get them ?

  • hi discopimp,
    I broke one making my upgrade and brian told me where to get them:
    mouser.com or farnell.com
    reference is molex 21039-0277 i don't know about the length specs

  • the only disadvantages i can tell from doing the upgrade are:
    1. the cringing as you use pliers to pull part of the pcb
    2. no more pretty patterns when its just plugged into power :(

  • only real downside is that you can't use a wimpy unpowered usb hub.

  • cool :) .. i can live without the startup pattern if i don't have to carry around the power supply ... looking forward to the upgrade, the new unibody with ssd's has quite a long battery life (if i turn down the screen brightness), will be so nice to be able to monome anywhere ...

    thx !

  • My only question is why you did not get two?

  • @alpha ... i just did :)

  • to tehn.
    what kind of usb hub in specific would i need to buy if i was using a 256 with a bus power upgrade?
    if you have the bus power upgrade does it mean that you cant just plug a 256 straight into a computer usb? thanks.

  • you don't need a hub. yes you can plug directly to the computer.

    if you do use a hub, you need a powered hub.