Apps kind of working

  • I have polygome working, kinda, the others don't recognize my monome controller or dj64 for instance has the LEDs working and paging correctly but nothing plays. Is this a solder problem with driver/LED PCB?

  • try monome_test, does everything work and in order? if so then wiring/soldering should be fine. Sounds like a software problem

  • In monome test most of them show up, there's a row out and a few others, rest are on.

    Don't understand adc and enc meters: not getting any response from them. This is mk kit from July 2010

  • hmm will be a wiring issue, try flipping some ribbons about. I assume this is the new MK Kit?

  • Reheat the joints on your button board(s), then try monome_test again

  • deanjkd - new mk, I set up cable like #1 picture from mk assembly

    flplsx- Which joints, LEDs, drivers or both?