some stems for remixing...

  • just bounced out some stems of three beats from the last 900bats beattape..
    push buttons happily!

    just send me an MP3 here:
    quickdraw mc raw at the gmail dot commmers

  • You sir are a god among men :D

  • Can anyone package this up and upload it to a file-sharing site?...for those of us who aren't members of soundcloud...Thanks and thanks to edison

  • What's stopping you from joining???? It is free and awesome!

  • Sorry to be so dense--I might just be missing the obvious--but I signed up for Soundcloud, followed edison's links and can't find a "download" button anywhere.

    EDIT: Sick beats! I really want 'em.

  • wow.... maybe i will zip and upload these...
    the soundcloud settings keep reverting back to "undownloadable"
    atm its working... buuuuut
    kinda a pain in the nuts
    lemme see whats up



  • So I wasn't crazy.

    Files acquired. Thanks so much.

  • Started playing with these while (finally) learning to use mlr... lots of fun! Any sort of deadline for this, edison, or just for kicks?

  • I'm going in all kinds of directions with these, but there all pretty interesting.

    Yeah, do you want these by a certain time?

  • fantastic, these are really good. massive help for me to get to grips with MLR. :)

  • thanks dude! Looking forward to getting into these...

  • yo homies!
    glad you guys are digging it!
    as for a deadline.... no way...
    just throw down and if you record sumthin, send it my way...
    if i get enough maybe ill compile thangs...
    who knows!
    just for fun really

  • just for fun, and thats why we dig you dood...

  • eh yoooo

    So i took the trumpet loop and put it in a new track. I changed it and made into a low sub bass, but its fresh as hell.

    Check it out, it's called Lights Out.

  • sketch man!
    this is doppppe.... hella dark and creeper....
    that sub bass is huuuuuge
    thanks alot man!
    great stuff!

  • thanks homie. It couldn't have been manifested the way it was without that loop so, you're part of it. I'm probably going to use a couple more of those, most likely that "hurdy gurdy solo." I love the way that sounds, I am a fan of the creepy and dark noises.

  • Thanks a bunch for the loops to mess with, helped me get out of my little slump, I'll most surely post something up sometime soon

  • Nice stuff dude, 900bats is a collective project of Aesop Rock and others right?

    I always thought "bandaids will eventually fail, but always leave a ring" would have been an amazing song for aesop rock to be on.

  • Aesop is god in human form. he is my favorite hip hop artist.

  • @hawk..
    thanks yo!
    900bats was originally gonna be, but he opted for a collective kinda feel... its still his site... all content is approved by him through all of his creative homies...
    it's been hecka awesome to get lucky and be involved...!
    agreed! you see that new video ish?????

  • @edison

    Which video are you talking about? the Dirty Ghosts?
    not Rob Sonic loving on dolphins right? ha

  • oh and i put up another track using one of the bass loops and the radio loop. I think those were the only ones I used.

    it's called box of crayons ha. enjoy.

  • Well I am dangerously close to a finished remix of track 8, but - as is often the case - I broke off on a tangent and made another track today using just the drums (re-chopped in mlr).

  • Here it is, a little rough around the edges but these sounds are pure class, got me out of the block I was having. Thanks Edison.

    Hopefully you guys dig it

  • wow!
    3 at onceeeee
    i dig all 3!!!
    bumping now with morning coffee...
    thanks for sharing yo!


  • @edison

    Hot song for sureee, is that one of your beats?

    I took down that one tune, I didn't really like it. I wanted to do more work to it, I don't know why i put it up early.

  • heh. i put mine up, its not ready either. just wanted to share the progress!

    boom/sting! for progress! sting/boom!

  • whuuuut....
    thanks frank!
    shit is really awesome..!
    love the slow build and kid chants!
    sorry for the slowness.... shitty weekend
    been hiding out a bit
    great work hoss!@~!!!!!

  • i think this is finished

  • Now this is finished. I still don't feel that it's the way I want it to be, but I need to get it out because i've been touching it up for the past few days and just want to be done with it.

    I used the radio loop and turned one of the bass loops into a wobble and sub bass.


  • Quick heads up for people... just realized these samples are in 48 khz....

    So make sure you have you timelines set up properly :D

  • Ahhhh... That explains some things. Silly me.

  • Finally got around to posting my little jam with some of the stems:

  • thanks for uploading these edison, this was a lot of fun. i've been working on this for awhile and kind of stalled out, so i'm calling it done for now.

    thanks for checking it out!

  • @edison:

    Thanks for the "8 stems" package! I had a ton of fun with them in mash!