warping in molar

  • I'm loading a rather long loop into molar, which it should handle with a warp setting of 0.125. It seems the warp value of "0.12" does not take the 5/1000 into account, as I hear a distinct pause between steps. Is this true?

  • .125 can work for an 8 bar loop, you need to raise your Max Buffer Size in the Molar.cfg

  • oh, nice, thanks steve!

  • steve - when i put one of my beats thats playing at 127bpm it slows it right down for some reason, but the rest of my tracks are fine, is there any reason it wouldnt fit the beat in correctly?

  • @deanjkd, probably a samplerate mismatch. Molar is intended for 44.1 files and 44.1 host

  • converted to 44.1 from 48. and its working beautifully, thanks alot man