starfire arduinome - 6 adc inputs?

  • are all 6 adc inputs usable on the starfire arduinome logic board? and if they are active on the board itself, are arduinome firmware and arduinome serial set up to handle 6 adc inputs per board?

  • They are all there and wired, there is even access to some of the PWM outputs.

    Pretty much if it wasn't being used for the arduinome I broke it out so it could be accessed.

    It's a proto board so it's slightly different but the I/O is in the same place. The are numbered the same way as an arduino.

  • Thanks Starfire. I guessed that the board itself was wired for all 6 adc inputs.

    Anyome know if the arduinome firmware and arduinome serial are defined to handle 6 adc inputs?

  • latest arduino firmware supports 4 adcs afaik. you'll need to do some modding to get more than 4 as the adc port address is only 2 bits long.

  • Thanks ST8. I just took a quick look at the arduino firmware, and it looks like the port is defined as 'int' which is 2 bytes, not bits, so that should be OK. There are a few arrays (ADCEnableState, current, previous) which are dimensioned to 4 values that would need to be upped to 6; and there is an adcCounter loop that would need to count from 0 to 5 rather than 0 to 3. Looks straightforward.

    Still concerned about arduinome serial, and whether it can see or be modified to see 6 adc inputs.

  • Oops... just looked more closely at the monome serial protocol and the arduinome firmware code and I see where the port address is being sent as 2 bits.

  • there are a mod of arduinomeSerial to do this, the post is here.

    i would love for someone to edit serial so that you could use more adc's, but i'm not the person to do it. you might have better luck.