turn your korg electribe sx into a monome

  • was getting a little frustrated with only 8 buttons of MLR so I whipped together a little max patch to turn my Korg Electribe ESX into a 128 (roughly). you can choose the row with the drum parts, column uses bottom row of buttons. not sure how useful it really is but though i'd post it up here anyway. full instructions and download here:


  • i seriously need to learn max.. can you get a video so i can see this man?!

  • nice!

    i wish going the other way were just as easy...

    oh, does this do lights too?

  • mm it doesn't do lights but that might be doable. leave it with me.

    @deanjkd will try and get a vid up in the next day or so.

  • Awesome man!
    I like the idea, damn shame I only use MLR and my Electribe live though.

    Out of curiosity, does it work with all Electribes? Ive got an old ES-1.

    Ill play with it when Im back at the house

  • Amazing!! I have an EMX that I only use once and awhile to pull and mess with sounds, this is really going to be something fun to play with.

    Question: I just need a MIDI to USB adapter to get this working right?

  • @hawtopus yeah you'll need some sort of MIDI IN type thing. a lot a external sound cards have them these days. i doubt it will work out the box with the MX but if you are interested in helping, I have a couple of questions about it. should be able to get a MX version working! (think it'll actually work better than the ESX)

    don't think it'll work on the ES-1, you need a keyboard part to send the midi notes. you can try though - let us know.

  • hi hemmer!

    i am working with the esx and emx.
    maybe i can help you a little.

    haven't tried your patch yet, but it would be great to implement the "part mute", "solo" and "shift" button.
    e.g. when you press "shift" + "part mute" all drums are muted. great feature on the emx.

  • @hemmer

    fire away, I'll do my best to answer your questions!

  • cool.

    question one - are the 5 seperate synth parts on different midi channels 1-5?

    question two - with the octave setting on the lowest, what note is the leftmost note on the button "keyboard"? by my reckoning, its an **A** with MIDI note number 9?

    thanks, hemmer

  • 1. you can assign a midi channel to each synth. default Midi channel 1 - 5.

    2. pitch range is from A-1 up to C8.

    here is a good doc for midi implementation:

  • cool. added EMX version. slightly different in that keyboard parts 1-5 control rows 1-5. (note the ESX version will still work with the EMX, just more hassle)

    updated download here:


  • thanks for answering the questions pororoca!

    gonna try this thing out as soon as I find a midi/usb converter dongle thing.

    Thanks again hemmer!