New Website... What do you think?


    Just finished porting everything from Indexhibit to Wordpress... what do you think?

  • Very clean. Easy to navigate. Simple and eye pleasing. Good job.

  • wont load for me?

  • Yeah... I made a mistake last night with setting up my Domain forwarding / dns settings... should be back up in a couple hours

  • looking sharp!

    How do you find that bad behaviour plugin? I've been using the kismet spamblocker for my wordpress blog...

  • It comes standard on noisepages... truth be told I don't actually have any comment sections of the site.... but I do like that it is blocking spam bots from potentially data mining my site!

  • Yeah, I was just reading about this new breed of content aware comment spambots. They use the content of the page to do a search for meaningful additions to the post, then post that along with a spam link. I'm flabergasted ;)

  • Nice. Effective.

  • it's great! did you use a template for this? sososonice.

    and i love the "use open source it's good for you"

  • So the site is hosted on noisepages... Peter Kirns blogging social network (Create Digital Music / Noise)

    They all come with a standard Theme called Noise Floor 1.0... this is what I used.

    Pretty much everything out of the box aside from the header and the widgets I decided to use for the side bar.

    Thanks again for all the kind words