• My new Dog Bless Your Art website has been up and running a few weeks now, and the content is slowly growing. Please check it out if you like:


    First time WordPress user... so feedback, bug reports and other comments are welcome.

    I just added some songs by my project Robot Push Key. Performed using Bidule and Molar. And make sure you don't miss the free album Corundum by my friend Ted Bohman... last three tracks are personal favourites of mine. ;)

    New releases are in the plans, and also much of the old catalog will be re-released, including some bonus tracks (live, rehearsal etc) for the old fans.


  • looks good. love the logo!

  • Thanks! :)

  • Bump!

    I have added a bunch of stuff since last post. Just recently two tracks recorded while jamming, using Molar to sequence. And some pictures of may latest exhibitions.

    If you're into more experimental noise, don't miss No Function, a project by a friend of mine. In his Radiolar project he's picking up electronic noise from different gadgets through a radio... no instruments and no cords used (oh yeah he uses a theremin, but not in the way intended).

    Feel free to join the facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dog-Bless-Your-Art/114446541956006