Pretty Lights performs LA show sans monome

  • Pretty Lights show in LA last night was great, but looks like he's dropped his 128 + molar live set up for just his mpd32.

    Sad day, but still a fun show...

  • yea i actually saw him in detroit on the 19th and i'm fairly sure he wasn't using the monome as well..

    couldn't spot any stylish monome pushes or blinky lights.

    how sick is adam deitch though?

  • He's a welcomed edition, the last drummer Cory didn't do much. But there's something about your roots that he shouldn't forget about.

    Deitch was fantastic, playing some really tight rhythms that matched dereks produced beats with some awesome fills. Ton of energy last night.

    Crazy to see how big PL has become, saw him June 09 at EDC in la, there were 15 people there, then key club Hollywood, 300, then coachella and now the wiltern at 3500 or so, really amazing.

  • yea he's definitely blown up..

    i remember seeing him at rothbury 09, before i went to college, and i got to college that september and no one knew who he was..

    and this year, all the sorewhores and fratboys took party busses to the show in detroit. crazy how popular he's become.

    still love him tho, even since he's stopped repping the nome!

  • @milo
    i saw bassnectar earlier this month and the place was full of bro-dudes. i guess it just strikes me as odd that they'd listen to the same music as me.

  • it stems from all these bros starting to listen to dubstep

  • or is that "brostep"?

  • watson -

    if it wasn't before it is now

  • it's bronectar, pretty bros, rusbro, etc.

  • yea it kind of reminds me of how i go to umphrey's shows and they have a real bro crowd but you don't expect them to..

    although seeing dem bros at bassnectar is a bit more surreal, normally his crowd is diverse but not THAT diverse

  • takes a while for the bandwagon to catch on.
    but yah i know what you guys are talking about with nectar and Umph.
    not necessarily a bad thing when these bands get so much publicity because they need the money and what not.
    Its just when you get these kinds of kids involved they'll go buy 10 or so tickets to a show you want to go to so they can make profit. I've seen this happen with bassnectars new years eve show and i gotta hold of one who did it and managed to still get a ticket.
    these artists have to be asking themselves though.....
    do i want to play for a medium sized crowd of killer fans who dig the music as much as i do?
    do i wanna play for a large crowd of default up and coming college kids that consider the concert just another party to get fucked up at?
    I could rant and rant about the "bros" but ill keep it limited.
    I don't personally feel like the music I've listened to for years is getting stolen from me...
    I just feel like many of the bandwagon kids are just looking for a place to get fucked up with their friends...
    It seems as if many of them turn an invigorating musical experience into a purely social, drug related experience.
    But then again this may be a limited point of view as I'm just speaking from personal experience over the last couple months in the ATL area.
    I definitely am not the type to avoid music simply because its mainstream but i am a bit peeved about things like this happening to bands i use to find easy access too.
    Is the reason your going about the music?
    Are your friends going and you cant wait to take "insert drug her" for the first time?
    Also, when people say...
    oh bassnectar.... "THEY'RE" sick.
    It's one person man.....
    Dubstep! i love that "BAND"
    its a genre....
    It seems like they don't give one cent about that reason they should be there.. THE MUSIC!!!

    mabye i did rant a lil haha.

  • @William

    that's really funny actually.. my friends and i joke about dubstep saying 'i like that band', alluding to the fact that it all sounds the same. but i agree with everything you said, in fact up there i almost ranted about the very same thing - all these fucks want to go and shard out. and it could be any music they're listening to..

    also, i still love it all.. umphreys and pl and bassnectar all get better each time i see them. it is nice to see them blowing up because that means they'll keep making music.

    my main problem with them getting big is that it's a bitch that all those new years shows sold out so quickly, and i have no tickets for any of them.. bassnectar at the tabernacle looks crazy, as do pl and umph shows in chitown.

  • At camp bisco he was rockin a 256. But with dietch he might be doing something a bit different, since he can actually keep up! I mean Scofield's Up All Night? insane! In any case I hope adam plays ok on the next record now that this lill ep/album series is done.

    As far as this latter argument, think of the sixties when something like woodstock could happen. Sure a lot of people there were just look for druids and sex but the large percentage was there because hendrix ripped. And janis rocked. And havens was honest. This new rise in electronic music I think is great, and if bronectar, pl, glitch mob, or any of these artists can sell out 3000+ seater venues then fuck yea! Remember they all started by making the music they love and now others also love it. I think this is a beautiful time for electronic music that is just going to keep growing. We are out of the embarrassing era of the rave and into something new and exciting.

  • ya electronic music is really blossoming.
    i really hope nectar comes out with a track in 7/4 or some asymmetric shit and still manages to groove the masses
    thatll be the day :)

  • Yeah, I was passing out fliers at a 'bro'nectar show last month for a warehouse gig me and some idm/d&b dudes were putting on the week after.
    -I live in a college town-
    I'm like 'hey! like electronic? There's a show coming up. Kids were kinda like 'whatever'.
    Also, my bud who was passing out fliers with me made an off-color remark about umphrees fans digging bassnectar and lost us a small crowd of young female hippie-types. Oh well. We ended up getting a strange mix of hipsters and juggalows, I think.

    ..but, yeah GO PL!

  • I don't condone drug use. It's been years since I've used. But I feel compelled to admit that I get a bit offended when people make remarks implying that drug users' general opinions about an artist or music in general is less validated than that of non-users.
    That's how I just perceived some of those comments in this thread anyway.
    If that wasn't the intention, then my bad.
    If that indeed was the intention, then I guess i'll get over it.
    -peace dudes

  • @baubie
    yah i didn't really mean it like that.
    its more-so..... the people I'm referring to don't even have a opinion about the artist in the first place if that makes any sense.
    drugs are a regular part of my crews concert scene..... buts that's not to say we don't have well thought out opinions and ideas about the bands were seeing.
    there is a difference between people who go to concerts for the music versus people who go for other reasons (ex. social circumstances, or substances) regardless of drug use.
    i was merely pointing out that one of the main alternative reasons I've see lately is this "drug use".

  • yeah no worries bro ;-)
    BTW not having ever heard of a bro dude, I couldn't help but to look it up. Some funny descriptions and stereotypes. I guess I'm a maturing 'dude brah' who could never skate well, ha-ha.

  • I just saw him in my hometown and was really disappointed to see that he wasn't using the monome in his setup anymore. The show seemed way less exciting to me just for that reason.

    I also appreciate I'm not the only one who is seeing this horrible crowd that is gathering around him as well. The "sorewhores, fratboys, bro-dudes, and brosteppers" summary is definitely a good description...It's pretty sad, really.

  • Maybe we can hope he still uses his 128 for production purposes, but i agree i miss see him triggering on molar

  • the dude bro comments are awesome.

    Being in florida, and having people (dude bro's included) go to shows, is a positive thing, not negitive. 10 years ago, You mentiond EDM around here and you get the stereo typical answer about how they only like it when they ate a 10 pack..

    now you got the most unlikley of people going to shows and NOT because of drugs,, but because they dig the artist/music. That is awesome. I don't care if their hippies, scene-sters, emo, proggy, punk, fetish, glam or dude bro's. At least EDM in this area is starting to loose the stigma it has held for years.

    //end rant

  • yea its awesome he's making more money..

    but that doesn't mean i want some fucking douche bro elbowing me in the ribs while he tries to fuck his gf through her pants in the front row at pretty lights..

    suffice to say i moshed that mother fucker.

    the point is, it's cool that he's getting big but i don't wanna go hang out with assholes just to watch my favorite artist. i'm all for diversity.. just not douchebags? i guess?

  • ranting against douchebags in general?
    i like where this is headed

  • ha ha ha. There is a unique humour inherent in listening to fans of underground music lament the deplorable decline of their favourite artist due to all the posers that are just jumping on the bandwagon ;] oh, dear...thanks for the chuckles folks...

  • yea i'm pretty eloquent for a forum troll