M4L CL - new m4l app for Clip Launching and controlling session view.

  • Hello,

    So similar to the M4L DR this is a snippet of my M4L Control project cut out and turned into a standalone app. It's a pretty stable and self explanatory clip launcher, hope you guys find it useful and let me know if there's any problems.

    M4L Clip Launcher Instructions.

    After dropping the device onto a track the first thing you need to do is set up the monome connection on the right of the device. check the prefix, ports, host name and monome size, click connect to bang the prefix through to monome serial.

    On the left side of the device there are two number boxes named height and width. These decide how many tracks and scenes you want the Clip Launcher to look at. For a 64 I'd suggest Height 6 and Width 7; for a 256 Height 14 and Width 15; for a 128 Height 6 and Width 15.

    The reason I'm not setting these to the full width and height of the monome is that rows outside the width and height become rows of functions such as scene launch or track stops. On the right side of the monome there is one row of scene launches. On the bottom of the monome there are two functions rows, one of track stops, one of other functions. You can decide whether you want to see these or just have a full clip launch grid.

    So, on the monome the area you've selected using Height and Width will be the Clip Launching area. Press a button to launch a clip.

    The row to the right of the clip grid is a row of Scene Launch buttons.

    The first row below the clip grid area is a row of track stops, the right most button below the scene launch buttons only works when shift is held, then it stops all clips.

    The second row below the clip grid area is a row of functions.
    The first 4 buttons act as arrow buttons in the order left, up, down, right.
    When no other function button is held they move the clip launching grid around by one step. When shift is held they move the grid around in steps of 5.

    The 5th button along the bottom row is a select button. When held pressing a clip highlights that clip in the detail clip view, pressing a scene launch selects the scene, pressing a track stop selects the track. You can also use the arrow buttons with select held to move the selected track and scene around by 1, you can also hold shift to move the selected track and scene in steps of 5.

    The 6th button is a device button that allows you to use the arrow buttons to move the selected device or blue hand around. I think it might not be working in this standalone app version though...

    The 7th button is shift.

    The 8th button as yet does nothing.

    With LiveOSC loaded the red ring will appear around the currently selected Clip Grid. If you're already using LiveOSC or don't want to use it then you can set the clip launcher to follow the currently selected Scene and or Track using the Link buttons on the left side of the device.

    Try it out and let me know what you think.


  • Hey, great stuff myr, and good timing, as I was just about to attempt something like this myself, I'll look into this right away, thanks!

  • wow this is great!! can't believe how much better the timing when playing without quantize on is than the launchpad!

  • @kristoffer
    glad you're liking it, more to come.

    let me know what you think when you get round to trying it out.

    here's revision 2. small update; now when you use the 5th button on the bottom row to select a clip the detail clip view is shown, and when selecting a track the detail device chain view is show.

    download at top of page.

  • had a brief play about last night, but had to run off to catch the bela fleck show, so tonight i'll have a longer session....

  • threadjack()
    Bela Fleck!!!! OMG!!!!

    I saw them play in toronto a few years ago BLEW MY MIND... Wooten is a BASSS
    GOD! It was a sit down show but I bombarded the stage during the encore an
    got arms length from Future Man and his crazy drumtar.

    For anyone who has not hear "Live at the Quick" it is a must listen!

  • fleck, coming up in Portland, next week at the symphony...

    saw him at Portland's summer chamber music festival, along with Edgar Meyer,
    last year.

  • just posted in the xmas album, but i caught them last night and it was awesome. They did all these amazing xmas cover medleys, futureman was rocking it out (im amazed at the dynamic range he can get out of that drumtar), and Wooten laid out an amazing 10 minute long bass solo medley that just blew my mind. Wow. Catch the show when they come through, this was the opening set (first time they'd played together all year) and it was tight enough. And they've got a set of tuvan throat singers from siberia called Kalash. Amazing tones. Their jingle bells cover was dynamite.

  • downloading the device now. thank myr for the efforts. sorry bout that hi-jack.

  • no worries ;). as a bassist originally i don't mind a thread jack if it's talking about someone like victor wooten.

    let me know what you guys think of the app.

    if anyone's willing to get in on some beta testing on M4L Control before I get the video tutorials and stuff done let me know :).

  • testing first on windows 7, live 8.2.1

    ... tried it with three different "monomeserial apps"

    first thing I notice is the /clear message...

    phortran's 'monome serial python windows' says it doesn't have a callback for /clear

    serial pyio -- app is working, but not clearing, which I would expect when hitting the 'lcl' button? the monome does clear if I change to serial-pyio's on off app.

    monomeserial 2.12a operates as usual with gs128 and gs64. I have to change gs128 to 'top'. I can't separate the 64 display from 128 for port address, so only one device at a time. only see the buttons lit which have clips slots. but it does clear the device and rewrite correctly if I change orientation.

  • only thing that kind of bugs me is every time you import a new clip you have to press the button on the app to make it update

  • @kristoffer
    yeah it is a bit annoying there's no observer in the live object model that notifies you when new clips are added or moved around.

    it can only work when new clips are recorded unfortunately.

    however, the way i've set up recorded clips to be picked up means if you drop a clip in you can play that clip slot, even though it isn't lit up, and it will then pick the clip up and keep it stored.

    the only way to solve it at the moment would be to have it continuously polling the session view for new clips. with the amount new clips are dragged in or moved, at least in my performances, i think this would just add unnecessary overhead and take up extra cpu. you can midi map the button and i could put the function on a button on the monome maybe?

  • seems to be working here, although i'm getting very long spinning beachball when i press the LCL button (osx 10.5.8, max 5.1.6, live 8.2.1, monoroute, 12 tracks, 130 scenes, but only filled with around 30 clips).

  • out of curiosity, how do send and value objects differ functionally?

  • yeah just making it the bottom right (button 64) or something would have been a great improvement =) i could of course just put in the small edit myself but i think its a nice official thing to improve it. great app.

  • on my end anyway, there's a _lot_ of overhead to triggering the lcl, i wouldn't want to be doing that live...

  • Ahhhh. Just realised I didn't include the essential Update Clips and Update Devices buttons that are in another window in my main M4L Control app that this clip launcher is from.

    It does take a while to initialise the device by pressing the LCL button, but you only have to do it once at the start of the set. On initialising the device it gets all of the IDs for the live set and sets up all of the functions needed for the clip launcher. So clicking the LCL button makes the device completely scan the Live set again for all of its IDs which does take a while. I'll add in the Update Clips and Update Devices buttons from M4L Control which just scan the set again for any new Clips or Devices. It is a lot quicker, and entirely manageable in a live situation, even with big 12 track by 100 scene sets.

    I've been using M4L Control and this Clip Launcher for all my gigs and practices for the last few months, monome european tour dates and all. I've never had it crash once so far.

    @ Kristoff
    ah i was saving the bottom right button to switch the clip grid to rows of functions like tempo, transport, launch quantisation etc :), but i'll see where i can fit it in.

    @ rawore
    i didn't realise there where that many types of monome serial!
    the clear message is called when you hit the Connect button in the monome section on the right. it shouldn't be called again once the device is connected.
    do you mean you'd like to see it have a way to select which monome to send to if there's more than one? i've never had more than one monome at a time so still don't really get what people need to use apps with two monomes.

  • @lokey
    a send object sends the data to other send objects but does not store it. so if you want to pick up the data later somewhere else you need to perform the original function that got the data you sent or be storing it after you get it through the receive object.

    a value object only stores the data it is sent. so, no other value object bangs out data when a value object gets sent some data. it is now just stored till the time you need it. it's very handy for storing information you'll need again and again. that's why i'm using those value and send pairs, in that order. it stores the data so you can pick it up any time in the future and also notifies you when the data has changed.

  • 2myr: thanks, that makes sense ;] much appreciated...

    the update clips button sounds like the business. Many thanks...

  • revision three.

    now with update clips and update device buttons. should be much quicker, if you've got a very large set it does take a little while, but it is scanning through every clip slot.

    download in first post above.

  • hello.

    I'm having a minor issue. when i hit the Clips button under LCL, the clips are not updated. i mean to say that clips i've moved or deleted don't show in their new location. I suspect it has to do with my ableton preferences not set properly.

    I'd be thankful for any help with this.

    @Myr...Thanks for sharing your work!

    attached a grab of my preferences

    501 x 594 - 76K
  • revision 4

    sorry about that guys, seems like a silly mistake on my part. that's what you get for late night coding after a bit of drinking, heh.

    here's a fixed version, download in the top post.

  • ahh..
    all better now.
    thank ya'

  • Just caught this post, haven't been on the boards in a few days. I'll check this out tonight.

    re: M4L Control Beta testing, sign me up!

  • Is it possible to have a serialosc version? thanks!

  • have you tried pages sno?

  • Is i did, but i prefer the clip navigation of Clip Launching. It's in steps of 1 or 5. I think pages is just steps of 5. And also the clip and scene launching in the same page is very useful for me. I'm using it with monomebridge, so no problem :)

    Thanks anyway lokey!

  • i mean, besides pages clip launcher, pages will act as a bridge between serialosc and monomeserial.

  • hum... but isn't that the same as monomebridge?

  • could be, never used it.

  • pages is full page/view offsets for the clip launcher pages but i've got another user asking for single step so that might be something to add in the near future. it is the same core functionality as monomebridge, yes, and it really just came about naturally as monomeserial has always been supported, but pages gives you the ability to mix monomeserial and serialosc apps and run them at the same time if you need that. otherwise monomebridge is probably the way to go.

  • thanks for the info phortran!