M4L Multi apps

  • Hi every...

    I'm working with m4l and my good old MPC 4000
    At the moment, only mlr (m4L) is running synced with the mpc...
    No clip in Live, only drum racks controlled with mpc


    Was wondering the following:
    In order to (maybe) let my mpc at home, is it possible to run several app (like mlr, and for example both Myr applications CL and DR) at the same time in the live set???
    So i can, for example, launch a clip, flip to another track and play live drums, then another track and chop some with mlr...
    Do i need to use depthoffield or something like that??

    For info:
    OSX 10.5.8 Live 8.1.3 And Max 5

    Thanx to everyone for help and inspiration!


  • Hi reno,

    I am using pages (new version up) for that, which is running just fine on my set up.

    The nice thing about pages is that it has several pages built in already.
    Like a clip launcher page, a fader page, a scene launcher page, a sequencer page, midi keyboard page, etc.
    m4l apps, like mlr, raptor, molar vst (not m4l), etc. you can run over the ext. page.

    It takes a little more patience to install it first and that´s why I avoided it in the beginning. But actually I was really surprised how easy it was in the end then, because I did it step by step (always using the stop button) with egon77 video. Here he explains everything how to set it up for the first time. ...and you only have to do this once, never again. In the end it took me like 15 minutes of concentration.
    Here is the video: http://www.vimeo.com/4939759

    The discussion of new pages is here:
    Join in if you like and ask, if you have problems.
    Btw.: I am also on OSX 10.5.8 and it runs real smooth. How come you are running Live 8.1.3? I am still using 8.2.1...and there is no new version available.
    Is it a beta version?

    I have to admitt I really like pages, but before pages I used Monoroute, which worked nice also using different apps at once, but it doesn´t have it´s own pages and I liked the idea to have a clip launcher page and a fader page, etc. already integrated in an app right away, without needing to to the prefix set up first for each one. :)

    Whatever you choose, good luck!

    Btw.: Nice session you are doing there. Like it!

  • If you are using apps that support auto focus you can do this without needing any additional applications.

    Essentially when you select a track in Ableton that has a max4live monome device on it Auto Focus with change your prefix in monome serial and voila different app running on the device!

    I'm not sure if the new Myr apps support auto focus or not, but there is an app I made called depth of field which acts as an auto focus... just enter in the prefix and when the track that has depth of field is selected it changes the prefix in monome serial to the prefix entered...


    Hope that helps

  • @ reno khart

    nice music man :).

    glad you're enjoying or at least thinking of using the apps i've just posted up.

    as i mentioned in the post they are actually just small parts of a larger project called M4L Control. in it i've built a clip launcher, clip chopper (mlr in ableton) device control (set of faders to control macros), drum rack control and a mixer page and midi keyboard are on the way.

    i've built in a routing system so you can have one app per page, changing by monome press or midi mapping or dummy clips. you can also have quadrant style setups with up to 4 apps on one page, providing you've got a 256.

    i understand you may want to use other external apps though, and at the moment i can't find a reliable, fast way to allow m4l devices to take data from apps like mlr and route them around. if you wanted to use m4l control and external apps like mlr i'd suggest using an external, non m4l, routing app such as monoroute or pages.

    i haven't included either auto-focus or auto-config in the devices as from testing, using and numerous replies from people they are both flawed.

    auto-focus steals focus from any other app meaning you can only have one monome in focus at a time, no quadrant style set-ups, it also causes havoc with other routing apps or external apps when they want to gain focus back.

    auto-config uses a rather shaky bonjour external which can crash live, and although i never had too much trouble with it, many people had serious problems which led to staff at ableton actually saying that it shouldn't be used as it's not tested and stable enough.

    let me know if you need any help with anything. and if you do want to use or try out M4L Control I'm just finishing off a new revision, if you want post your email address and I'll message you over the latest version. it'll hopefully be up on the forums soon too but i want to make it extra good and get some tutorial videos recorded for when i unleash it to the masses :).

  • Hi...

    Little bit more time to answer now...:-)

    Thanx to all of you!
    Maybe pages is the solution...By the way, i've already try it (quickly i agree), but wasn't working on my setup...
    Think it would work following the link you posted.

    really like your tunes!

    So much to say...
    I'm on 64 gs, so have to wait for quadrant app :-)
    If i only want to use mlr (m4l) + your clip launcher , maybe i can use the alphanerd depth of field?...?
    Anyway, i really want to try M4L control...maybe it's gonna be THE solution :-)
    Want to lighten my setup, but like the feel of playing samples with mpc pads...
    I'll train myself with your drumrack controller

    In fact i'm not a big fan of Ableton...
    I only use it to sync my mpc with mlr (i tried every solution directly in max, but no way...), and a few fx's, but that's all...
    So you can see that i'm just searching at the moment...
    Anyway, i'll be glad if you can keep me informed about M4L control
    here's my mail : renomood at gmail dot com

    Thanx again