FS: Walnut 256, first batch (sn. 071) - on eBay now

  • I'm selling my walnut 256, serial no. 71 from the first batch. It's located in the UK, in excellent condition & I ship worldwide. It's on eBay now -



  • awww. why do i have to be broke all the time?!

  • I might spring for this. I'm in the US, though, and I don't know how international transactions work over eBay. Matt, do you know -- will PayPal handle all the foreign exchange and just let me pay dollars? Will they take a percentage for changing currencies for me? Is there a way to find out in advance how many dollars it will cost?

    Also -- are there any problems with the lights or the buttons? I have a walnut 256 that's newer than the one you're offering, and it still has a couple buttons that sometimes flutter if I don't press them the right way.

  • so, i know it is going to make me sad, but pay pal will take care of all transaction stuff on its own. i have paid for things that are originally in pounds many, many times. it breaks my heart to say this, but there shouldn't be any issue

    funny how these objects will travel the world, isn't it?

  • Oh, man, I hadn't thought about taxes. What a bummer.

    Is there a way to find out in advance how much the total dollar cost will be, including taxes, for a given Euro-denominated bid?

  • @jeff let me know if your keypads continue to give you trouble. i have replacements, etc.

  • Roger that, thanks! I haven't tried the powder remedy yet, because yesterday when I played for two hours it didn't give me any problems. Go figure ...

  • @jeff a good rub down with some sort of alcohol wipe does wonders! do that then throw some talc.. good as new

  • all buttons & lights working fine jeff, paypal will take US$ and handle the conversion. i don't know where you'd find the import duty info - anyone know if that info is on the web?