Roland MC303??

  • Hi all,

    Not using e-bay anymore (robbing so and so's). So, just putting out for a bit of feedback. Anyone still using analogue gear? stupid question I know, but I don't hear much about old kit on here.

    My thoughts are if anyone would be interested in my Roland MC303, very good condition, original manual, power supply etc?

  • How much are you looking toget? Where are you shipping from? is it analogue or analogue modelled?

  • Hi, they go on e-bay for anything from up to and around £170? So, offers somewhere in that range?

    Believ it is analogue, trying to raise money to emigrate. Shipping from UK


  • Sorry to bring bad news... This device is not analog.

    It's 'synthesis' is provided by a rompler (simple electronic device that plays samples off ROM chips), and provides little or in this case, no original waveform generation.

  • Essentially the MC-303 is an all digital version of the analog Roland TB-303 BassLine synthesizer, Roland TR-808 and Roland TR-909 analog drum machines, together in one small but feature-packed unit. It also has many classic Roland Juno and Roland Jupiter synthesizer sounds squeezed in as well. This compact instrument alone is a trance/house band-in-a-box, and with its classic "TB-style" interface and step-sequencing , it is easy to program and whip out funky beats in no time. Synthesizers Drum machines

    No worries, you aren't bringing bad news.............sorry, but if your into your old gear then you know this device. I run this baby alongside my Novation Basstation and coupled with utilising the monome's capabilties, my MPC and my Akai S5000 then I have found it to be very useful to integrate in my set up. I don't really care too much about HOW it works. I just believe in the ancient art of tweaking knobs and moving away from the laptop/PC and VST's and Ableton. It does utilise traditional 'analogue' sounds from classic pieces of kit.

    Although, after embracing my grayscale 64 my views have changed. Digging through the dusty crates and rocking the MPC relieves a lot of laptop fixation whilst using the monome!!

    To continue with the original thread, this item is for sale and offers are welcome...............

  • Bump? Still shipping from Australia

  • Hi fluxsta, welcome to the land of Oz! Where are you? Nowhere too flooded at the moment I much Au would you be looking at getting for this?

  • Hey artpunk,

    Great to hear a fellow monomer in Oz! Where you located? Be good to organise a monome meet if your close to Brisbane? As far as the unit goes, open to offers but around $200? Willing to trade if you have anything you can suggest?

  • @fluxsta - have you fixed the akai yet?!

  • @dean

    Ha ha! I wish, no time to do it. Those pesky kids....busy as a mo fo bro. Will get there, got an old circuit board to practice on

  • Hi fluxta,
    I'm in Melbourne, so a couple of thousand klicks south of you. Mmmm, trade, most of the equipment I want to trade away at the mo are some analogue camera gear, maybe not that relevant here! Just bought a walnut 64 so will have to wait for the bank balance to grow again... (& there's the imminent Australian release of the Minitaur and Minibrute and so many other shiny distractions - time to get a tatts ticket!)

  • Cool, the minibrute looks great eh? If you want the unit at any point then I would include postage in the price.....'shiny distractions' it!

  • Bump.....still selling ;-)