What a wonderful weekend...

  • ...seriously! No sarcasm!

    I placed the order for my 40h kit Saturday morning. I sent an email to Tehn I believe Wednesday night asking for an extension until Tuesday, because that is when I thought I was going to be back from the hospital, but I ordered before I had to go in. This already began my great weekend. Saturday afternoon my mother went into surgery for an ovarian cyst. Not great news, but she got out perfectly fine, no complications during surgery, and she'll be out of the hospital much sooner than predicted. I came home Saturday night, met up with a few friends at a party and hooked up with a girl that I've known for the longest while, finally going out now. Spent all of today figuring out how I'm gonna make my 40h enclosure, decided I'm going to make it out of some White Oak that a friend of mine has sitting around.

    So this was a big weekend for me.

    Anyone else?

  • i had a cool weekend too. succeeded on getting a preorder for a stribe (sending payment when i get home), had some good times with friends, feel completely over my flu from last week, and i just finished a User Interface tutorial assignment that ive been procrastonating for weeeeeeeks.

    going out with girls is awesome too.

    now i get to build filters. not the best, but better than writing shitty ass UI tutorials.


  • Wish I had the money for a stribe, unfortunately I don't. One of these days I'll order all the parts and put one together, for now, I'm out of money.

  • i wish i could in your good weekend vibe, i spent the majority of my week and my ENTIRE waking weekend hunched over, troubleshooting my homebrew to no avail, and i have a final exam tomorrow and a final critique on tuesday lol

  • I had a great weekend too, I picked up a mint Roland TR-909 and I have made some progress with my custom controller project: http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=936&page=1

    @ paul: What homebrew is it that you're working on?

  • a 128, but im just trying to get 1/2 of it working right now.