velosynth: open-source bicycle interaction synthesizer

  • howdy friends,

    here's my latest project, called velosynth. it's a synthesizer that you attach to your bicycle that makes sounds dependent on your speed, acceleration, and other sensor data. more information here:

    i have a pretty ambitious kickstarter project going; trying to raise $500 over the next two weeks by offering a kit with everything you need for $100. details on that:

    i'd appreciate your thoughts, criticism, and support in getting the word out to the right people! i'm looking for hacker-savvy cyclists comfortable with microcontroller programming and electronics. it's a nich

  • DUUUUDE! I am so extremely tempted by this considering the fact that I bike 35 miles a day. But at the same time I have never experimented with arduino.

    My main thing is that I wish I could use it more within my music rather than just strapping it to my bike and enjoying my nerdness. I think I have an idea for it though.

    I'm thinking of adding on a variable 1/4" in and out to this so I can put it on my bike but then later add it to an enclosure with just one giant knob. Then the experimentation really begins.

    I'll see if I can sell my amp fast enough, but I'm definitely considering.

  • what a beauty - great work :)
    this would encourage me to cycle more!
    love the concept dude.

  • awesome, glad you dig it! there's a ton of musical applications here; admittedly this project is still in its infancy so we're just beginning to understand what's possible.

    forgot to mention amazing video the video ;)

  • fun, i'm in

  • o man this looks fab! reminds me of a burningman project i was involved with a ways back:

  • it's been really interesting seeing how others interpret this idea... i had one dude email me a rant (complete with copied + pasted sections of legal code) of why i am going to fail and should just "give up entirely." on the flipside, we're already at 51% of the $500 goal — so thanks for the positive vibes!

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  • This is a really great idea.

    Something I would like to see is user preloaded music where it's tempo matches the previous 30 seconds average rpm from the wheel or crank. There could also be variables that come into play at certain higer speeds to keep you motovated in the higher rpm's.

  • this is prettymuch the best video i've ever seen on the internet ever. sweet idea too, i like the network aspect of it. i predict some sweet collaborations @ 15-20mph.

  • i met a geek the other night who is doing something like this with wind. He is putting windmills up at different hight's to create different signals. I should hook you up.

  • made it! 142% funded!

    thanks to everyone who's followed this today, given me feedback and helped to spread the word! there are still 8 kits left and 13 days in the project, but this thing is definitely a go.

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    i'm going to drop my involvement in this thread here, but if you'd like to send me feedback or follow progress, please visit:


    mfelix / %

  • 162% awesome!

    can't wait to get my hack on (and my legs working again).

  • Great and funny project !

  • I want this. And how did I not know about this studio, in my own town too! When I get back to Portland at the end of the summer...

  • That's great that you have so much backing on this. I'm not going to lie though, when I saw you were at 162 percent I was like shoot, too late. Still trying to snag a kit.

  • hey nice! just saw you're up on CDMblog!