Good Battery Powered PA?

  • I'm looking to busk with my monome and laptop. Does anyone know of a portable all-in-one amplifier/speaker that bumps? I've come across the dj-tech icube series - looks reasonable.

  • theres the roland cube for guitars that you can use if you have an external eq,
    im not sure how it would handle bass thought unfortunetly. Personally id stay away from that shit though mate, tiny amps always suck.

  • The Crate Taxi and Limo series are awesome! Have built in rechargeable batteries and the things are tanks, I had 3 for many years that I would put on a special bicycle for mobile dance parties and such.

  • @sauce

    They were legitimately good-sounding for full mixes? And you had three at once or three over time? I can see three at once being pretty serious, but that special bicycle would have to be equally serious.

  • @deanjkd

    i wouldn't say all tiny amps suck...

  • Three at once, 2 taxis and one limo. And the Limo definitely performed better with low end, but the taxi's sounded pretty good, and had a variety of inputs which was nice. I would find a local music shop that stocks em, bring an mp3 player down and plug in to the RCA inputs, and judge for yourself.

  • Also battery life was awesome. I went 3-4 hours blasting them sometimes with out having them die on me.

  • i have the Roland Micro Cube Bass amp and it is great!
    the batteries last forever and it gets pretty damn loud for such a little guy.

  • @ J.J Mitchell mate after ten years of guitaring using these things here and there, im yet to find a decent amp of a smaller size that sounds decent.

  • i build diy sound systems quite often. for your purpose:

    take one large speaker and one car battery. put battery in box and place on a delivery mans trolly thing. Place speaker on top. etc etc etc

    barrow system ftw.

  • yay busking

    i went busking for the first time on the weekend.
    my set up is - motorcycle battery to inverter to double adapter, practice amp, laptop and monome. seems to do me well for now.
    i want to upgrade to a small bass amp but that won't be for a while. Need a small powerful double bass and monome amp. it's all about the mids and portability HA

    while i'm here anyone had any good/bad busking stories?

    i was approached on sunday by a guy that sells candles. he wanted to buy some cds off me. i didn't have any so i'm going to do a concept album called 'music to listen to while surrounded by candles'. i'm sure sandlewood will be the first track.

  • @KuDeTa

    THAT's what I'm talking about. If only I weren't mechanically inept.


    The first time I played saxophone in Central Park, some Spanish dudes filmed and interviewed me for a documentary in which they travelled from New York to New Orleans finding musicians.