i'll be in New York july 8-10

  • Hey hey, just a quick feeler out, ill be back in new york next week, the 8th-10th, if anything fun is in the offing, i'd love to hear it. I'm heading off to the dominican immediately thereafter, so i may not take my gear with me, but id love to hoist a glass with likeminded monomeheads, if anyone will be free. Cheers!

  • yar! hit me up when you get here, i am over in brooklyn. yumyumyum.

  • sure, how should i contact you? Or any suggestions where to meet up?

  • i'd like to join. just moved to NY. down to meet up wherever.

  • im staying at the carleton arms around 3rd and 23rd st in manhattan. Got me a wedding to attend in chinatown on the tenth ;]

    get in the eighth, leave the 11th for the beach, so maybe the night of the 9th? Find ourselves some noise and food and beer and see where that goes?

  • unfortunately im not available the 9th.