Looking for 128 (buy) or trade 40h for it!

  • Hi all,

    Well, i'd just like to check if someone would like to get rid of his or her 128. ;)

    The 40h is in perfect condition, not used so often as i had a 128 too, but lost it in an incredible accident.

    Mail me: traik {?} polarisedkids.com


  • Can you say soulmate!?You guys really should meet!

  • Hey gurulogic,

    We're in contact, thanx a lot ! :)

  • please email me if you want to sell your 40h to fund a 128. bbishop at uci dot edu


  • hi weltarm,

    i will sell my 40h, but i'd like to be sure about getting a 128 before i do so.
    i keep you mind.


  • I don't know, do I want to let go of my 128? I am not decided yet, but I would love to see the 40h, maybe own one.
    let me know...

  • @phreak

    Sounds good. I got the money, let me know!

  • Hi Weltarm,

    Plese drop me your Email: traik {?} polarisedkids (dotter) com.