Faceplate pool for 40h kit

  • Hey I have been going through a bunch of sites and have found just by ordering 5 the price can go down even by half or more. big blue saw is great because you only need to order 5 for it go down more then 60%. I was thinking someone ( I am happy to do it ) could start a pool for faceplates so we can spend 40 bucks instead of 100 ( I am pretty sure this has been before )

    I already made it on big blue saw


  • I might be interested. I think it'd be fun to try myself, but I'm pretty sure it would be too much work. I'm still on the fence.

    also, are the holes going to be totally square, as in the picture? or will they have that nice little bevel?

  • It really can be anything we collectivly design

  • Hi,
    This is my first post. I don't have a kit yet but I am patiently waiting for one now. I figure I might as well get a faceplate for a better deal now then have to figure it out later so I am interested in the pool as well.

  • count me in. got my kit in the mail today.

    are they all gonna ship to you and youll mail em out? will they ship to each of us?

  • I'd be interested in 4 faceplates as I will be putting some kits together in the future. I guess shipping is something we can work out as numbers (and pricing) finalise.

    I wonder if we should nicely ask tehn to advertise this 'group buy' on the monome newsletter? Seeing as a lot of people have been ordering kits, this would be a perfect opportunity for everyone to get a great deal.

  • count me in. i get my kit friday

  • I could go for it too. Maybe more than one. thanks!

  • That is extremely cheap. How thick is the faceplate? The big blue saw website says its 0.125 inches, but the monome faceplate drawing says it is 0.25 inches? Im pretty sure there shouldnt be a problem with flimsiness of it being thinner, but is there any problems with it being about half the thickness?

  • I think I will be building four kits.

  • oh wow I wasn't excepting poeple to be building so many kits( which makes me realize I might not get one LOL ) maybe we can get a batch of 10 or 20. I also don't want to commit myself to anything untill I know I am getting a kit(I am in position 110 atm), but we should wait untill they are all sent out anyway.

    Baeksan, the size can be whatever we collectivly decied, same goes with the shipping.

    John-Paul : I don't think that's really needed because the price drop Is really only when you get to 5 , the difference between 5 and 10 isn't that much at al that bieng said I think poeple should know about it to get a better deal.

  • Mmm, I was hoping there'd be a chance to pool in for a plate! Mistone, I'm also at around 110 at the moment; we'll have to just see what happens, ha. I'll keep tabs on this thread but as of now, I'm in.

  • My father is the owner of a machine shop / plotter factory. I was also thinking about a group buy for the faceplates. I'm sure we can do a better job than Schaeffer did with our last faceplates, they got damaged in the mail and some plates had weird dots and marks on them. It might even be possible to do custom work on request (different size, sunk/countersunk, bevels, thread, etc).

    @ Mistone: can you tell me the size and thickness of the faceplate? I want to get a quote from our alu supplier for a big sheet.

    Nevermind.. I clicked the link above.. its 0.125 inch. I'm happy with the 4mm (0.1576 inch) from my last faceplate.. More space/thread for the mounting bolts... I want to make them out of 4mm or even 5mm alu like the original 40h had (it was 5mm, right?).

    Just to clarify: it's going to look something like this, no visible mouning holes , except if you want them?!? http://projects.xndr.com/monome/DSC05970.JPG

  • @mistone i'm in no hurry to get a faceplate, so feel free to take the time needed to find out whether you are in for a kit.

    @xndr i like the idea of using the thicker alu faceplate too :)
    (btw.. wasn't the original 40h faceplate 0.25" / 6.35mm ?)

  • Hi
    I'm building my first monome, hopefully the kit will arrive march 4th, so I also need a faceplate. But it has to be shipped to Sweden so if thats not a problem I'm in.

  • I got my kit yesterday and am interested in a faceplate. I think the faceplate looks alot cleaner with no holes.

  • http://wiki.monome.org/view/40hPlateDesign there is always that one.

  • Xndr nothing is set in stone , I was the one who "designed" the faceplate and choose the depth( it was the closest to 4mm they offered) , sorry to repeat myself but the final design should be what we collectivly design not what I picked out.

  • If there we can make the faceplate thicker and put threaded screw holes on em, then I'm definitely in. I already have a kit and need a faceplate asap.

  • I could be down too. I think the faceplate should me modified a bit, though; the cutouts for the keys should have the rounded edges like in the standard plate design. Also the through-holes are kind lame. But I'll keep watching the thread.

  • Mistone, what's your location? It might be a good idea to split the group order for US and EU residents to reduce shipping costs, import duty and customs fees. We'll also have to figure out where Australasians can order their faceplates..

  • That's a good point. As I'm in New Zealand.

    Though, import issues are pretty minor compared to the generally high shipping costs to our part of the neighbourhood :)

  • I am in the yay area, sounds like a good idea to split it.

  • I'm in EU

    i'm in if the plates are anod alu with no vis holes and reasonable thickness, better if 0,250 like orig ones

    ty guys

  • Count me in too

  • I'm in, too! 0.25" would be nice, as would sticking to the original spec with a lip around the edge-- can Big Blue Saw handle that?

    Let us know the details when you're ready to make an order.

  • Original spec sounds good too me!

  • I am also interested in participating.

  • I'm off to the machine shop today.. I hope to have some more info tonight (CET). We'll have to figure out a couple of things, tool costs, material prices, options/custom work possibilities, etc.. I'll post more info and pics tonight.

  • Any updates, xndr? Curious curious :)

  • well, ive posted about this before. like xndr, i have access to the tooling and i've asked for a head count before but got no solid responses. going by the count on this thread, we're just shy of 20 pcs.

    material and labor drive the cost here. alum prices are up up up and 6061 extrusion is the cheapest about.

    also, it is only available in certain sizes; having the vendor cut it to size for you really jacks up the price; having it a little oversized means our mill operator has to spend more time milling it. it comes down to labor.

    some notes about plate thickness, i thought about using a thinner plate: it is cheaper but only slightly and then you may need spacers to adjust button rise to your liking. but the biggest thing is that you have to drill and tap some holes to hold the board and even a small change like a 16th makes a difference unless you have finely threaded machine screws.

    If 20 people really want to get on board, (or i know we can get 20 plates spoken for), then the price will be approx $78 a plate including UPS ground freight (depending on destination and weight). that is a 6061 extrusion with a clear satin anodize.

    anodizing is a flat rate so if you want a color anodize, then it will be 50 additional if only one person wants the color. i dont recommend it.

    just a note: nobody will get rich making these parts at this price, ive really crunched numbers and finessed our labor rate to make this price. we're a small family company (probably just like xndr's fathers) located in Michigan and we provide health care to our workers and their families. we can make it, but we cant lose money on it, especially in this economic climate. xndr probably knows this as well.

    also: we WONT provide parts to customers overseas it is part of the monome ethic: act local, avoid waste.

    sorry for the long post. hit me with your responses..

  • I'm definately interested gunboat d.

    Color doesn't make a difference.

    So what will be the final thickness you are shooting for?

  • gunboat d: is it 20 poeple or 20 units? Some poeple said they want a bunch of them. If its 20 poeple then it might be pretty hard to get enough. The price seems about right though. If we can only get 10 poeple( or units ) what would the price be?

  • hey gunboat d
    I'm in too.

  • judging by the numbers of requests here, i think it is almost 20 units. we can make more if there are more requests, but i need a "critical mass" of 20 pcs to pull through on that price. 10 pcs would 88$, i think. i'll refresh my estimate with the alum dealer tomorrow (wed).

    specs will be IDENTICAL to those on the 40h page. i just received my kit and i have a early plate that i made to spec of steel (no alum on hand) and everything fits like a glove. i've seen kits that have plates with screws through the top. it isnt my cup of tea, but if people really want that, i can send them a plate without holes drilled and tapped for the screws (just button holes) and they can do as they see fit. (there wont be a price difference, though and i would suggest that you get those anodized yourself since i dont know how anodized, hardened alum would respond to a drill and tap).


    that is four plates

    i need qtys and locations for each person who is interested. i'll try and figure out a payment option in the next couple days. i loathe paypal. i'll look at a google merchant account. checks are always best; we are a small manufacturing company after all.

  • in for 1

  • I am in for four

  • I'm also working on it.. We're currently setting up a new production line for other parts where the faceplates can also be made. Part of the process is a clear anodized finish after the milling is done and several material options. The downside is that due to the time needed for installing the new setup and because of other projects we can't get started for the next 2 weeks.

    So if you're in a hurry with your project, please order your stuff from gunboat.

  • xndr it will be that long until everyone gets a kit anyway. Also I wouldn't commit to anything yet, alot of stuff is still really unclear. I don't want to have someone set up a production line and then have it not be used :|

  • @xndr

    as i said i'm in if we get no visible holes and 40h thickness.
    is it possible to get other anod colors? (black ano or gun grey anod?)

    where do u live in EU?

    can u plz give an estimated price, just to get an idea?

    i got a friend in my city who can make the plates for 50€, but it's not anod(can i anodize it after the cut and where?i don't know anything about lasercut/machinery process) and i have to drill holes by myself, so i suppose i'll get it from you.


  • @xndr i am in eu sign me up for your batch. But please provide first what your plans are for the plate itself.

  • so far we have only 6 plates spoken for in the US. i mentioned the price for 10 pcs is 88, but hopefully we can get up to 20. ive decided to set up a google merchant thing for this. i'll have more details in a couple days.

    my email is justin at genshino * com

  • im in for one, im in philly

  • I have a shop lined up for running face plates in 64 and 128. These are .18" or .25" thick plates that are drill and tapped for the 40h kit. Also included is the cutout around the outside of the plate so that it sits flush with the walls of the unit. They will need 20 piece orders. The tapped holes will be blind holes, not through holes, and can be anodized in any color within the 20 piece order; ie. 20 black, 20 clear, or 20 gray. The 64 price is $75.00 and the 128 is $115.00. Shipping will be be USPS Priority Flat Rate of $8.95. Give me a shout at msnewby@yahoo.com if you are interested.

  • im def down for one, just finished my kit last night, only thing I need is a faceplate.

  • btw gunboat, I sent you an e-mail about a week ago and never received a response. Get back at me as I would like a faceplate ASAP. cln52 at drexel dot edu

  • I am interested in one, maybe two faceplates but I am currently pretty far back in the queue.

  • I'd like a 128 plate .25 inch anodized either clear or black --
    I'm located in the US 92701 I'll check back here to see how things develop.


  • we have 7 plates spoken for right now. add 1 each for


    and that gives us 9 plates. if we can get up to 15, i'll pull the trigger and hope for the best.

    @doot, i must have missed your mail. my apologies. i'll check it again (and the filtered stuff) tonight.

    our price will be 72$ a pc + shipping. shipping will be ups ground and it depends on how many you want. we'll be using a google checkout just like monome and i'll have a link up when we get the 15 spoken for.

    also, i'm speaking with our alum vendor again to see what i can do about price. i'll have a new quote later today, but i think that around 72 is the lowest i can get it.

  • Hello, I'd also be up for one, but I will have to evaluate the shipping to Canada unless anyone has a general idea on shipping cost to Calgary, AB.

    I'd like the 128plate 0.25in., however not anodized.

    Anyone use MFG.com?? Just posted up the drawing and will get quotes back from shops all over NA. This site is neat because it is set up to query over thousand fabrication shops in the US, so if were lucky someone will have a WHOLE bunch of 6061, 1/4" panel just laying around for all of US!!

    Will be about a week before I have some prices...

    Anyone else here in Canada??