apartment for nyc trip

  • as i just ran into a fraud by ALMOST sending money to someone from craigslist pretending to hire an apartment in nyc for $50/night, the idea of asking the friendly monome community came to my mind:

    i am looking for a cozy and affordable apartment as vacation rental in new york city from sept 13th - 20th for 2 persons. i would be very happy for any commendations.

    besides, i was clever enough to google the guy who wanted me to send him $270 per western union. thank you, internet!

  • never ever western union through craigslist. many people trying to scam on craigslist.

    here are two trustworthy sites to try:



    hope this helps.

  • I've had a lot of win staying at the carleton arms hostel on 25th and 3rd on the east side of manhattan. Easily transit, and each room is done up in a different style, awesome art throughout. Stayed there a few weeks ago, the floor I was on was all verdant swamp and fish scenes. Not luxurious by any means but cool and cheap for nyc...

  • Also try www.couchsurfing.org , A couple friends of mine have stayed at a few people's houses through here. It's all good people, helping good people.

  • thanks for the links! carleton arms looks great, hope they a free room during my ny trip.