chiptune monome

  • I am new to all this, finding my way around my greyscale 64 is a real joy to play. Do any of you guys use your monome to make 8bit sounds ? What applications do you prefer to use for this? samples or synth ? It would be great to hear from those experienced. And any links to your videos!

  • i wouldnt say i use it to make 8 bit sounds as this is all synthesis but i perform my songs where i use 8bit sounds.

    What to try is conways game of life with midi output to an 8bit vst or something if you want some off the wall random 8bit goodness.

    Most synth's can push out 8bit sounds really try abletons analog. Or Zebra
    VST. Or Magic8BitPlugin

    Its awesomely simple, three waves, (square,PWM,Saw)

    and attack, decay, sustain, release with some volume and rate.

    Hope this helps and welcome to the forum!

  • I have the predecessor of this:

    awesome real 8bit goodness.

    check out the specs on it:

    it's got a generative sequencer on it among so much other stuff.

  • Midilife with midi out up and running through my ReFX Quadra Sid VSTi right now. Rob Hubbard 8 bit goodness in A-life style.
    And that Shruthi sequencer looks well tempting . .

    Thanks for the tips folks.

  • @oootini: Cool!

  • Here's a simple chiptune synth kit based on the YM2149 that can be controlled by a monome. It's made by Wil@ straytechnolgies- the same person that designed the bliptronome. Here's a short video- sound starts about 40 seconds in

    8 bit goodness!!