monome kit

  • tehn

    Are there any drivers / keypads still available ?

    I'd like to upgrade my order to include 2 x driver and 2 x keypads for some 256 action.

    Also could both orders be shipped together? Sorry for the inconvenience. Just decided I'm going to sell my beloved 64 to help fund this.

    Let me know and I'll order in the shop.


  • there is more of everything available, and yes we can bundle shipping. e-mail us, and we'll refund the partial shipping.

  • Is anyone making a project (b)log for their kit? I've decided to give it a go: - hopefully we can share some thoughts :-)

  • I will probably take my defunct music review blog and use it to blog the progress. I'll link to it when something of interest happens, but I think it's helpful to log your progress so that people after you have a resource.

  • just added keypad kit assembly guide:

  • i've always been taught that you should go by the flat part of the LED rather than which leg is longer, as you may wind up getting LEDs from surplus without knowing it, and the legs may have been cut so that the long one is no longer..

    i haven't really ever had the experience that verifies the teaching, but make sure you check the datasheet for the LEDs you buy.

    that said, i think the long leg is usually the anode? which means you want the anode to go into the hole with the line?

  • true. i referenced the long leg due to it being much easier to see quickly on a 3mm LED, and the fact that the jameco LEDs i'm using don't have a flat side!

  • @tehn

    are the jameco LED's the white ones from the greyscale units?

    If so do you have a part number pour favor?

  • no, i'm using the old bright orange 333307 which are nice!

    grayscale are surfacemount

  • added the original 40h aluminum plate machine drawing.

    should be helpful for getting the cutout sizes right, and scaling up to larger matrices.

    also a pretty nice image. our friend jason did a great job.

  • thanks for upping 40h faceplate drawing! is there any chance you could please upload a 256 one? I have no experience with CAD!! or maybe point me in direction of link? thanks again!!

  • i haven't made a 256 out of 40h sized keypads, but i trust someone here has.

  • added an LED selection guide.

    if you have photos of your kit's LEDs lit, add yours and the part number and where you got them!

  • Nice good call!

  • also posted top plate drawings for all sizes

  • Looking at a few:

    Would any of these be suitable? Still undecided on colour though.

  • Hey tehn,

    First kit. Looking forward to joining the family.

    Just curious, do you think there's room on the driver for an IC socket? I'm not sure on the clearance between the driver and the grid. If you could confirm that'd be great. It was looking pretty tight from the pictures I saw.

    @everyone in general

    I'm considering these LEDs:

    Just use the part number at the end of the URL if DigiKey starts whining about cookies or sessions. $16 for 100, flat rate shipping anywhere (god bless DigiKey), Yellow, 2400mcd, 45 deg. viewing angle.

    I'd considered white, but I'm not sure how good the contrast is. Anyone have some examples of a kit with white LEDs? I'd prefer something from DigiKey. They're the only US company that doesn't gouge on shipping to Canada.

  • Addendum: dear god, I can't wait any longer for this thing to show up. Shipping is USPS "express", but from what I remember of an order from Adafruit, the express didn't mean too much :P

  • the greyscale devices use white leds, but unfortunately the LEDs are surface mount, so a part number won't do any good, but maybe tehn can chime in on the brightness in mcd? qualitatively, they are very very bright.

    re: socket, i think the question was raised a few pages ago in this thread and the answer was yes, but you should probably check me on that.

  • they're 2400mcd.

    those LEDs you linked look great.

    socket, yes, it'll fit.

  • if you page back a very long way on the news, you'll see a kit with white LEDs. i don't know the part number unfortunately.

  • flashing logics with firmwares now... shipping party soon...

  • Does "Vf and current: below 4.5V, 20ma" from the LED wiki mean below 4.5V and exactly 20ma, or below 4.5V and below 20ma?

  • 20ma is good. that comma should be a period.

  • hooray for shipping party@@@@@!!!!!!

  • I whimper in anticipation :)

    also just realized the logic board has 8 digital and 8 analog pins. I didn't realize that when I bought it. Pleasantly surprised. *looks through electronics box*

  • Shipping parties are my favorite.

  • shipping confirmation!!! Still can't decide what color LEDs to get, but i'm thinking red or green right now.

    Is a 45 degree viewing angle wide enough to eliminate "the dot"? I'm looking for better diffusion over higher brightness

  • i think 45 is good. did you see the orange ones i posted on the wiki? those are 45 i think.

  • Those do look good, and they put me at ease

    thanks tehn!

  • Man, you guys party early. Thank tehn.

  • shipped! can't wait!

  • we shipped out over 50 orders today. next shipment goes out monday!

  • so i got everything completed, going for a 128.

    I plugged into computer, it loaded drivers automatically. Do i need to install FTDI drivers still?

    I tried monome test, no response. My device shows up in monome serial as mk000048 Is there somthing else i must do to get it going?

    running windows 7.

  • @tehn, everything arrived here no problems. This is better than Saturday morning cartoons


  • wow, quick arrival!

    we're about to post up the new monomeserials. thanks for your patience!

    @scuba: are you using new keypad kits or 40h keypad kits?

    i'm almost done with a modified firmware for 40h keypad kits, which require a per-grid rotation... tutorials for flashing firmware via bootloader will be posted tomorrow evening.

  • im using old keypad kits.

    wish i would have know need new firmware, been working on this all day :(

  • @tehn

    i wrote some algorithms for very fast bitmatrix rotation (for rotating /frame messages), you're welcome to use them if you'd like.

  • you actually shouldn't *need* new firmware-- it's just that i'm sure the way your grids are laid out (to fit together properly) one of them is rotated 180 degrees. the firmware flash will make sure everything looks right.

    come to think of it-- if your LEDs work, i'm not sure why your button data isn't coming in with serialpyio. best hold off until windows monomeserial is posted later today or early tomorrow morning. sorry for the delay.

  • alternatively, you can test your device with

    256_serial_howto.mxb from the base patches howto folder!

  • oh cripes, i just realized i didn't upload the grid configuration patch--

    it tells the device how many grids you have hooked up (i assume the default is 0, which is why yours didn't turn on.)

    one sec.

  • attached!

    set the number of grids you have attached. it'll flash the internal EEPROM on the device, so you'll only have to do this once.

    there's also a test grid for keys/leds.

  • got mk set to respond to buttom press, but that is about it.

    I wait till you get other stuff going.


  • @visinin: that is some beautiful code!

  • has anyone recieved there mk kits

  • those that shipped received tracking numbers. huge batch going out tuesday. (more parts arrive monday, not enough time to get them packed before the shipping cutoff)

  • cool just wondering
    can wait !!!!!

  • Tracked my shipping number and the kit is in the UK at customs :-) Hopefully get it this week (coz I go to Barcelona on Sunday!!).

  • shipping to uk is usually only a few days, you should be fine.

  • you gonna post the firmware update process soon?

    i have the day off and wondering if i should hit the links or wait and get some monome action in.