san fran... c'mon out...!

  • come out hosses~!!!!!
    new album on blast!

    saturday the 31st:

    Preshish Moments, our local light-suit wielding new instrument visionary, and a downright awesome guy, is moving to NYC! Let's throw it down for a last hurrah at LoveTech, together with the SF Motion Graphics Festival for an unforgettable night of unrivaled next-level talent and inspired innovation!

    LoveTech + MGFest present:
    Farewell Preshish Moments!

    Saturday, July 31st
    at Il Pirata 2007 16th St (@ Utah St)

    EDISON -
    MALDIVES (Cullen Miller Septet) -

    All Night VJ Mashup:
    Sign Up Here and Bring Your Laptop:

    Digital Jam Lounge (Drum Circle of THE FUTURE):
    Bring your laptop, synth, or any electronic instrument, plug in and play!
    A collaborative jamming space perfect for teaching one another new music hardware and software
    Sign Up Here and Bring Your Instruments:

    Discussion-oriented LearnTech PlayShops on the Back Patio
    From our performers and interactive artists.

    Featured Artists TBA

    $8 /$6 Presale
    Purchase Tickets Online:

    The Motion Graphics Festival SF 2010:
    New Motion + New Sound + New Code =
    July 30th through August 1st, All Around the City

    anyways... get at me...
    i'd love to get the monome folks out

  • thanks for the earlier heads up this time! ;) i'll be there at both.

  • Figures I'll be up there a weekend too early. That lineup on Saturday is off the hook.

  • Sweet! I just got added to the Lovetech show on the 31st under my "Anon Day" pseudonym. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your tunes!

  • ah snap!
    ive seen some footy of you live dood!
    your shit is fire!
    extra stoked .... this show is soooo epic....
    SF electronics mayhem
    see you there hoss!

  • everyone else!
    c'mon the H out!

  • drat, one week before my birthday!

  • i'm there(...uh...tonight!), just bought my ticket for saturday, too.
    (can i get a whatwhat!)

  • wish I could go... le sigh

  • just got back from artlarking launch... edison was off the hook, took the crowd by the hand with warm heart, led us through dark machine and bass to some serious uplift, beats were hard, music was driven... just thought i'd share.

    thanks for a great set, edison! looking forward to saturday

  • bumpski...
    tonight is late...
    in on at 1
    hope to see you out!

  • just got back, 3:40am, need sleep, must say: best show i've seen in awhile. moldover was great, preshish moments was great, nonagon was even there making sure the sound was just right and indeed it was... and edison rounded out the night beautifully.

    ...and have to mention: AnonDay was also amazing! with the full on fro, i think he was straight up jimi hendrix on the monome.

    Thanks guys for an awe-inspiring show, now i will go cry myself to sleep over having to rethink my whole act(that's generally a good thing, though).

  • nice show edison!

    man I didn't think we'd make it, we got there kinda late and had to leave a couple tunes early, one of those hectic-how-far-can-we-stretch-it nights, but I'm glad I caught some of the sets! the music was great...

    hope to meet up sometime soon...

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