Led Confirmation Please

  • Could anyone who has experence with the kits, please help me confirm that these are indeed the correct specs for the MK kit.

    The reason I ask, is that it just seemed like quite a bit of digging to find a nice difused blue led.

    Jammco had the verison posted on the spec page (in blue) but only had like 34 in stock, and I want to purchase 100.

    Thanks in advance!

    //I know blue is WAY over used in the MI industry lol, but it really makes sense with the enclouser/project I am using.


  • ment to post in help....

  • those should work fine.

  • thank you

  • I'm wondering what the height limit is for the LEDs? I'm looking at the following right now, they're 6.1mm tall, so that should be ok, right?


  • i believe all 3mm LEDs should be the same height.

  • would a viewing angle of 60 degrees be sufficient to light up uniformly?

  • i would say "probably" because i'm uncertain that manufacturers are totally consistent with their measurements. you can certainly test one before soldering a whole board full of them.

  • thanks for the reply tehn. the jameno LEDs you link to on the led selection page are only 4.4mm tall though, and the one's I'm looking at 6.1mm and flattop, while the inside of the buttons is round. I tried measuring the space inside the buttons by sticking a pin inside and came up with 6±1mm, so I think it's cutting it kind of close. If the LED is too tall, it would obstruct the button from making contact with the board, right?

  • obstruction, correct.

    and yeah, i take back that all 3mm leds are the same. manufacturers seem to design all sorts of custom lenses.

  • So I'm still looking for the right LEDs (most of the one's I've found that would have fit have been crazy expensive), but I think I got it down now. I have a question about the specs though, and I hope this isn't just stupid. Is it correct that:

    - The Vf is the activation voltage, so any LED with Vf =20mA will be fine (though with If=50mA, it just might be not quite as bright as specified), while any LED with If