UK LED source

  • Hi, can anyone suggest a good source for LEDs in the UK?


  • related, but not directly answering your question:

  • thanks tehn, maybe I'll just order from the states...

  • I can't find any of the 'brighter' LEDs listed at the bottom of this page on Jameco anymore...
    anyone have any other bright red options?

  • Either Maplin ( or Rapid Electronics (

    I'll try to find a couple of examples when I get a wee bit more time...

  • Everything I've seen on Maplin and rapidonline is crazy expensive.. I think i'd still be best to order from Jameco with the exchange rate.

  • Cheapest international shipping from Jameco shipping for 100 LEDs is $30, though the LEDs were only ~ $15!

    I couldn't find any water clear ones on the maplin website.

    I did find these sites....

    And then there's RS ( but I'm not sure if they sell to the public.

    Can anyone find any others?

  • How's about these little puppies from Rapid?

  • ah..

    I must have been looking at something completely different on Rapid :)
    D'oh. Thankyou!

  • Anybody use those LEDs on rapidonline ?

    As far as I can see they are mostly 34 degree viewing angle. Is this enough to light up the whole button ?

  • 34 sounds pretty narrow. you want 90 or greater afaik.

  • I've recently bought from this seller on ebay:

    I got three lots of 30 x Blue LED 3mm - Ultra Bright(10000mcd), @ £1.99 per lot.

    By the time I'd paid for postage and a postal order + envelope (dont use paypal here) I paid a total of £11 and got 90 very bright led's. I posted my order by registered post on the Wednesday and received them Monday morning.

    While rooting through them I discovered a couple that were less bright than the others so binned them.

    Overall, it was *much* cheaper than anywhere else and the service was excellent, I'd use them again no problem.

    Not sure about the viewing angle, my monome is a recycle/scrap built unit & very definately non standard. The only thing I bought was the led's, and those I took a dremel to and diffused them manually.

    I could post a couple if anyone wants to try em out :D


    great article.

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  • I bought 900 for my 512 here

    Sadly based in China but they all come from there anyway and they ship super super fast and cheap too.

    this leaves me with plenty for my other Livid-based controller. Flat top makes it easy to get them nice and straight on the PCB when soldering them upside down.

    EDIT: Augh! Got by the Spambot!