brand new edison video...

  • hi...
    check it out...
    big ups to jjmitchell

  • Awesome!

  • +1

    (and i like the name "people are bad animals", too, because to me it reads 2 ways:
    "people are animals who are bad"
    "as far as 'being animal' goes, people are bad at it"


  • nice! beautifully shot. excellent tune too.

  • awesome. both the video and the music.

    I like!

  • super nice track... is that you singing? it's great.

  • hype track, trippy video...very cool main!

  • thanks ya'll!


    Totally can't wait till the new album drops now :-)

    Are the voices on this some of the ones recorded by Monome-rs on here?


  • haha sick never heard any of my stuff used/produced properly.

    maybe we should collaborate more often eh?

    nice one!


  • Â…wait one sec, is that dog running backwards. o_0

  • yo's
    @ro... haha yup.... thats the old lungs....

    @res... yea man!... exactly! night, we were talking about our cats or something, acting human..... maggie say's to me.."yea but people are bad animals..."
    it just works on so many levels... the whole new album has a hidden animist message, too.... ;)

    @steve.... i think the voices on this track were submitted by a couple folks at work... i had them do the same you guys did... just record that paragraph...
    in the end... i mixed it up so much, im not shure who's who anymore... ill get everyone on the thank you's though!

    @jj... the drums sounded awesome to start! i love how they chopped and bounce... super fun to play with... great job! and shit man... send me stuff anytime!!!! haha

    @jp.... oh hell yes.... thats lucy.... she's the loudest dog breather ever.... she's all old and over weight and followed where ever we went...

    this was all shot out the back of a pickup truck... and i just reversed it... the fish were filmed in the current river, at a swimming hole and reversed as well...
    im really sucky at video anything... so i ended up using final cut to chop the video at each drum hit and add effects from there.... i dont really know if thats the way to do it... but in the end, the footage and effects combined really brought me back to a time in my teens.. trekking and too much acid... summer and confused freedumb... anyways... enough rambles... thanks for watching!

  • Nice work mang, keep that shit up! Inspiring...

  • Sweeeeet track.
    The scenery def brought me back to the state park next to bucks county college where I took music classes.
    I would hike there solo or sometimes smoke with a few colleagues sitting in a corn field under the shade of the towering corn leaves.

  • beautiful!