free edison beat tape.....

  • digital that is...
    i made an exclusive beat tape for mr. aesop rock, for the recent launch of his new site:
    it's up there, under the eye doctor chair...
    please do grab the free download...
    it's 30 minutes of original and extremely un-authorized remixes and junk...
    im actually really stoked to have some free noise to offer as it's been a minute...
    hope ya'll enjoy.. and tell yo friends!
    thanks fam
    eddy spaghetti

  • this is pretty sweet! thanks for the beats and the inspiration.

  • Very nice, spread the word right now.

  • On it!
    ...loving the intro so far. thanks for the tunes.

  • thank you ser! I look forward to busting this out...

  • yeah hoss!

    super fresh, all the way through

  • hey thanks! this is great!

  • thanks to yous...
    it's a bit of departure from my usual...
    but im glad you dig

  • Yo you really made that for Aesop? He is my favorite hip hop artist.

  • loving it, been listening on repeat at work most of the day. thanks for sharing!

  • thanks!
    @sketch... yea... he actually hit me up a long time ago... asking about the monome... i happened to have a show the next night and he showed up!!
    it was pretty unbelievable... we've kept in touch here and there.... now some visual kids who work with nonagon and me (CSTNG SHDWS).... have been building this new site for him as well....
    it all works out great!
    SF unite!
    i feel hella lucky...
    he is hands down one of my biggest influences and rap favorites....
    really nice dood too!

  • lovin these beats!

  • That is siiiiick dude. I went and saw him in Boston a couple years back, it was sad to see there was like less than 25 people at the show. He is really underrated. Everytime i listen to the song "Daylight" it gives me a flashback of my high school years. Powerful.

  • your best stuff yet imo. hope you follow this path to its natural end point - eternal life

  • Can't seem to play it loud enough!

    Great work... durrrrrrrty

  • mad fresh, well played sir

    You should come to Austin and see the all Bats it's crazy !

    random bat trivia

  • hey ya'll!
    just wanted to holler and say i got the next free 30 minute beat tape up...
    go on and grab it hosses!

  • hey eddy it says 90bats but you want it to say 900bats.

    scoring free tunage.

  • thanks milo... too quickly

  • ... it just ended, but I want more.

    When are you touring next? I want you to come to Toronto and throw the FUCK DOWN!

  • listening now ... and appreciating.

    Misread the title. Didn't see "free" "edison beat tape", but "free edison" "beat tape". Wondered what kind of scrapes you'd gotten yourself into (perhaps the victim of a sting operation? ahem)

  • free hat! free hat!

  • @alpha....
    man... i would love some canadia throw down action...
    i used to roll to montreal alot... but thats the only place ive seen the your great and vast country...
    hope soon!

    haha.... only scrapes im in, is slaving for the man.... so, i guess inna way, it is a free edison! tape.... haha

    @lokey.... i love hats.... and monomes and the folks associated with em...

    anyways, hope ya'll are collectively stinging things in the face.... glaaaaaad to toss some freeness.... sharing is caring.... when's the next monomeet?

  • shared to my sting-in-the-facebookers.

  • BOOM! that was fantastic dear sir. let's have a throw down show down in NYC mad soon. for reeeeeeeeeelz. to reeeeeeeellllls.

  • Great sounding beats!
    nice and chunky