Rewiring MLR 2.51+ into Live

  • Hey,

    I'm trying to run MLR 2.51 as a rewire slave to get the audio feeding through into Live 8.1 but running into some problems. Whenever I select 'ad_rewire' in the dsp options within MLR it switches the audio dropdown to 'off' and won't let me switch it on again.

    Does anyone know what might be going wrong here or how to get around it?

    Here's a bit of system info:
    I'm using the MaxMSP Runtime v5.1.4 (no full version, although I do have M4L) on OSX 10.6

    I've tried rewiring Reason into Live and that works no problem. Are there any other Max apps I should try rewire with as a test?



  • i have the same/similar problem... same setup except i have both, the MaxRuntime 5.0.7 & full version 5.1.3

  • I had the same problem as well. But I messed with the app launch order and that seemed to clear things up for me.

    I believe it was
    1. Monomeserial
    2. Maxruntime (don't launch MLR yet)
    3. AbletonLive
    4. MLR 2.51 (Switch to rewire Before setting Prefix in monomeserial)

    But that was on my old Macbook Pro. And my new MacPro doesn't have that problem so I can't test it out for you. Hope that helps.

  • if u have the new live and m4l and all else fails, u could try the m4l versions of mlr mebbe? no need for rewire, all hooked up for u mang !

  • I'm afraid the order of opening stuff doesn't seem to affect it for me.

    I just had a go with mlrv but had the same problem so I guess this is a more general maxmsp problem, might quiz the guys over at the cycling forums...

    @ringo yeah that's what I've been doing, works pretty good but would be nice to get the rewire thing sorted too!

  • I guess I've got a similar question:

    Can I get the 4 groups in MLR to be routed to Live as stereo pairs using Soundflower?

    Group 1: outs 1-2
    Group 2: outs 3-4
    Group 3: outs 5-6
    Group 4: outs 7-8

    Would I have to use Max/MSP to edit the MLR patch and have the groups send to those channels? How tricky is this?


  • Found the answer: mlrV.