hi... you can call me charlie

  • hey everyone. i just finished my mk a few weeks ago, and am brand spanking to the monome community and loving it. everyone here is helpful, insightful, creative, inspiring,..... all around good chaps. i just wanted to give a semi-formal introduction of myself. i make music under the moniker charlestonpatrick but for all practical purposes...please call me charlie.

    feel free to give my most recent track a listen and let me know what you think!



  • welcome! always good to have more people. listened to your track. i dig! it's good. really solid. look forward to seeing how you put the monome to use!

  • Really enjoyed your track. Beautiful.

    Welcome to the community that is Monome. I'm sure you will find everyone here very friendly and helpful. I definitely feel blessed to consider myself a part of it. Definitely check out the Monome Community Tour stuff. It's amazing the kind of organization and collaboration that can happen here on these forums.

    So welcome! And you can call me Charlie as well or egon if you like :)

    I'm enjoying your videos very much!

  • i just want to say... i just followed out the link to your vimeo... i am enjoying your videos far more.... great stuff!

  • hello and welcome!

  • Lovely track. I didn't expect the singing; and when it came I loved it! Your voice reminded me of Aqualung. Which is a good thing.

  • Sweet bagezzus. Loved the track, glad to hear some singing because not that many do on here.

    I can also hear how your sound could definitely fill itself in with some kinda glitch pop harmonic stuff from the monome. Can't wait to see what you'll create.

  • yodels homeslice!

  • lyrically I'm identifying in a parallel life and I LOVE THE BREAKDOWN!