galapagoose performance vids

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    required viewing for all:

    this is some totes-cosmic—next-dimensional—full-spectrum shit. prepare for brainmelts!

  • i've spent about half the day watching these.
    truly amazing music and performance!

  • Wow. Reminds me to think of the monome more like a piano more often. I'm used to letting the monome play things for me.

  • dude is crazy ingenius. super legit

  • this is great!
    where is the full set?

    link is broken to the full set

  • thanks for sharing! some true greatness.

    i love music brainmelts.

  • waaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  • speechless...

  • just WOW

  • I just threw-up and swallowed it again. CRUNK!

  • This dude is awesome.

  • yup. my brain melted. twice.

  • +1 Seriously amazing stuff.

  • cant get enough of too many

  • wow. i'm stunned by his crazy double-handed button-mashing wizardry.

    Anyone know what that program is running on his laptop? i like the pretty neon colors.

  • I played his song ondej on my radio show tonight. Hot stuff.

  • I just gotta say, this is really fucking good. Serious skills man.

  • high five!

  • What's this program?

    Looks awesome. mlrV? New version?

  • this is some serious inspiration! a must....

  • @Cadd99

    Super Secret Mlr

  • these are amazing. i listen to % and galapagoose a lot at work, it's the best coding music. can't wait to try out this new mlr.

  • i wanna hear a better audio recording on this vid:

    stil all too beautiful nonetheless:)

  • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

    thank you all so very much! means a lot to have such a good support network which i'm so happy to be part of. hoping to bring this show on the road early in the new year so keep your eyes peeled and sofas prepared!!


    @Kristoffer: i checked the full-set download and it seemed to still be working
    @everyone: software is the new mlrv- stay tuned (and ableton.. for now)
    @cadd99: thanks for playing my tunes on the airwaves!
    @phortran: i hope we can have something new for you very soon!
    @schplingidy: i think i recorded that brkln set ... but i agree w/ active below!!!

  • @schplingidy - no way! i want to here no sir e, tehn, % and others lose their shit over that! with wind noise!!!!!

  • @galapagoose: No problem man.

    Also, there's an awesome music scene in New Brunswick, NJ. If you come do a tour in the states, specifically around the New York/New Jersey area, I can get you a pretty large basement show, a nice bed/couch to sleep in, and some horny hot and hip college girls who love electronic music.

  • blog love from philly

  • @dagoose

    Please come to Toronto on the tour... I'll set you up with anything you need including booking the show!

    Also can we make the official name of the new mlrV "super secret mlrV"... I think it has a certain ring to it!

  • @Active

    consider my shit LOST. I think I've watched all these videos about 6 times in a row each!

  • @glapagoose

    if its in the states, you know you got a place in NM and I can probably hook up CO too.

  • yeah! if you decide you want to do an Edmonton date, let me know and we'll get it sorted out as well!

  • wow that new MLRV looks nasty, cant wait! serious double hand ninja skills in the vids...!

  • wow the full set is amazing! just one question. you don't have any quantizeation on right?

    can't wait for mlrv super secret :D

  • @galapagoose: I'll see you on Nov.11 @ Caz Reitop's Dirty Secrets! can't wait man, your music is a breath of fresh air!

  • haha. thank you all for the kind offers and support! i will definitely be chasing you all up once i can make it across the pacific again.

    @GLIA: saturn never sleeps!!! i've loved king britt's work for ages —— such a huge honour!

    @Kristoffer: only quantise is in my brain.......

    @funkpatrol: YES. that will surely be a wonderful show — 4 of the best local producers in a packed basement w/ maybe 60capacity... VIDEO FOOTAGE!!

    this community never ceases to amaze me. thank you all so much.

  • "the metronome i listen to is in my chest, speeds up with the level of stress"

  • wow. really, really, good. inspirational stuff. thanks

  • absolutely stunning stuff, inspired me to throw down two tracks straight away!! please do come to scotland (i know that seems unlikely).

  • scotland? unlikely? not at all!!!

    will hopefully make it out to UK and at least a mini-trip around Europe mid-next year. really just a holiday for me but if i can book the shows in a way that makes sense travel-wise i'll make sure it happens!

    huge thanks for all the encouragement, and for everyone who has offered help booking shows / a place to stay, please be aware that i will follow you up!!!

  • I sure hope so! Ima steal all your code and sample while you sleep!!!

  • as long as i don't wake up in an ice bath...

  • hey man
    those songs are amazing, please come to perth!

  • Galapagoose, your songs are great!!!

    Big beats!!!

    so a question is due as your way of cutting up loops is great,
    when will you release the new version mlrV??

    I can't wait.

    I am currently using mlr 2.27 as the previous mlrV gave me too many problems...

    And of course if you come to London and have any problems, please contact me.

    Cannot offer a place to stay for long but one night would be ok.


    Bassik (Sero)

  • @galapagoose: That's amazing and I don't get it. What are you doing? Are you playing a live beat that has swing to begin with into MLR, or is MLR imposing swing on what started as a straight beat? How are those tempo changes happening -- is MLR keeping track of the tempo at which you're beating things, or did you tell it in advance to slow down and your hands have to stay in sync? I'm so confused.

  • a guess:
    all the drums are on the pads with left hand.
    no quantise on anything so swing can be added with brain and coordination.

  • @werty:
    yes i'm coming to perth at the end of november! playing at the bakery 27Nov (and maybe the bird on the 26th) — always great to meet some community folk!

    the new version of mlrv is coming along, but over the last 6 months it has turned into a pretty huge step forward. as a result these things tend to take longer than scheduled (also getting a full-time job hasn't helped!)
    rest assured that everything i do live is 100% possible with the current, public version of mlrv.

    the setup is really simple. drum pads on the left triggering 1-shots. monome runs mlrv in slice mode. no quantise, no tempo-following, all rhythms controlled by brain/finger dexterity (lots of practise here..) > maersk is on the money.

  • @galapagoose. how is the akai pad treating you? how decent is the response - i had the bigger one (mpd 24?), but you had to bash hell out of it to get velocity 127. sometimes i miss that kind of pad though.

    i know i said it before, but seriously great stuff there. i love that it's 100% live. nothing beats chops and practice.