MCR. in or out?

  • this could be huge. it's already world wide. it's all about getting our music out there on our own terms, no?

    ideas? thoughts? can/should this be done?

  • Two thoughts.

    1) The name is unfortunately the same letter combination as a rather popular teen band.

    2) This is a more serious note. I think it should definitely utilise the power of the internet as a way of spreading more installation type pieces. What I mean is, a lot of my favourite monome works are musical, but they are live performances, and the video of the player is equally important. I think this should definitely be a major part what the label promotes.

    My, it'd be lovely to be a part of this. I still don't own a monome as it were, getting them to NZ isn't easy... But I would love to come to America and witness this stuff first hand.

  • @TaylorGroves - for a shorter trip to see some monome action, try and catch a Galapagoose set if you're ever in Melbourne.

    (or myself if I ever get anything together. someday)

  • @lephrenic

    Oh I didn't realise Galapagoose was from Melbourne. Let me know if you get something together, I might be able to make a trip over for a shared gig or something. Would love to perform with someone from the community.

  • i like "monomer".

  • great idea!!!

  • i think the first question to ask is:
    what is the purpose of a record label?

    after you have an answer to that, then ask:
    what can we as a community label do that we can't (or don't) already do as an online community?

    if the answer is "lot's of great things":
    what does that look like?

    did we meet at the ras g show at roxanne recently? i'm playing a couple quiet shows soon if you'd like to hang out sometime!
    i'm trying to get on an aus+nz tour later in the year / early next year — love to have an australasian monome meetup — what city are you in?

  • Yeah, that was me. I'd definitely be keen to check out a show.

  • This sounds fun and challenging. ResAlien makes a lot of great points and these will have to be addressed for it to work. I'll help in any way I can.

    Also as a side note in this thread an Australiasian monome meet/tour would be great. I have had a galapagoose gig on my to do list for a while now. Good to hear that there are more monomers around these parts.

  • Hey all,

    I think that this idea of a community based label is great. Raja brings up a number of great points (aliens have always been known for their keen accounting skills) that I think would definitely need to be addressed.

    One way I see things could work would be the concept of a co-op. Everyone who wants to be a part of the label has to buy a percentage of the co-op, for say 1 - 6 dollars... do that and you own an equal share of the label.

    I have more thoughts to build on that but it will have to wait until after class

  • interesting - when I was thinking about this I was thinking in terms of a non-commercial entity. more like a community-driven promotion engine. what I think we can do as a community that is currently lacking is an aggregation of all (or at least a lot) of our works. something easily accessible to the public and promotable. if we had a large selection of good, free music, i think it would attract a large audience.

    what i'm conceiving of is a blog/database combo. kind of like the artist wiki ( mixed with very frequent posts on a blog of new releases by monome artists. it would be good to have a sort of mutual promotion-sharing kind of thing going on where if your things are posted or in the wiki, then there should be an effort to promote other things posted. this way, we draw upon the power of the community with little extra monetary input but with big potential returns. that being getting our music heard.

    video, commercial releases, albums, etc. should all be considered. monome media (good title?). there should of course be a handful of moderators.

    if it starts getting alot of attention, perhaps there could be consideration of a more traditional label. but always good to have big ideas and work up to them. i do think this model is very consistent with monome the company, while a commercial label would definitely need careful consideration (and brian's blessing) before we put the word monome in it.

    my 2 cents.

  • fully agreed with watson. i fully encourage more use of the wiki, let's figure out how to make it more accessible.

  • Well said watson. I can say for myself (and I assume others here as well) that I am easily excited and over ambitious, but isn't that the best way?

    That being said starting small, with a site to aggregate monome related content might not be a bad idea. Considering the hits that youtube monome videos get, some sort of official blog might be a great idea.

    Fwiw I have the domain registered if you would like to use it for this purpose... Using the monome wiki sounds like a good idea, but I also think a standalone domain might function better (not implying it must be the above suggestion)

  • i think having a standalone domain is good too - perhaps the blog would live there and we could just use the artist page on the wiki proactively? link to it from the blog? or would that be confusing?

    i think my idea here is twofold:

    1) aggregate as much music in one place as possible
    2) help eachother promote our tunes

    whatever will facilitate these two goals in the clearest and best way should be done.

    is there a way to do this using the wiki?

  • "community-run archive and commercial-free public relations directive"


  • The wiki would be our best bet, perhaps with a domain that redirects to it for easy access.

    If we were to start building up the wiki and linking there, then there's no reason why it should do any worse than a dedicated site.

    Great idea, btw!

  • is it possible to have a blog style interface for frequent newsy/bloggy posts on the wiki?

  • +1 for the aggregate idea. It would be wonderful to have a single repository for both music and (I hope) video. I spend a good deal of time searching vimeo and youtube--as well as these forums--for new music and vids. Having one place to go to keep up on new music from the community would be fantastic.

    For the record, I check the wiki infrequently because so much more shows up on the Web that isn't on the wiki. If it were much more of a catch-all I would be all over it.

  • yes - i think to make it work on the wiki, we would just need to load it up with content!

  • i can create a subdomain if we come up with something.

    i'm about to rework the server, and the forum will live on and the wiki will live on the root

    maybe or something? note that i'd just do a redirect to the wiki, which will have (fixed) nice-names, like

    i do agree there needs to be moderation. a database is great. the top level "featured" content needs a time cycle and community-vote/agreed system. two methods of featuring would be great-- "newest content" which would stay fresh for a week (many releases at once in a list), and "featured" which is chosen by merit/popularity and stays up for a month (one release).

    one last comment is that sound streaming needs to be hosted externally, unless a donation system is put together for me to upgrade the bandwidth.

  • like where this is headed. It's about building a communal audience, as i see it...

  • blog-style on the wiki is something i'm actively working on, since i'm going to use the wiki for the main site.

    there is full user-access-control on the wiki, so moderation will be easy.

    if anyone with web dev experience and free time want to help shape dokuwiki to these needs, let me know.

  • it seems like each time i go away from the forum for a while, i come back to something like this.

  • ps. part of the web redesign is to more prominently integrate and feature the wiki and forum. so this whole thread makes a lot of sense.

  • exciting stuff indeed, im glad more of the community side of monome is beginning to expand rather than the product line.

  • Maybe we should talk to the soundcloud guys in regards to hosting audio... I love their service and they have recently become involved with a company that allows for itunes purchases.... Just forgot who it was though

    I for one use the wiki in regards to hunting down apps / documenting projects. It could be really interesting to expand songs / videos to have entire wiki pages. You could host the source files / samples, links to apps used, and perhaps even a bit about process.

    We all put a lot into our music, we should be sharing all of it...

  • the tunecore folk often have pretty good deals on getting large numbers of tracks up on itunes, etc...just a thought...

  • I think what Alphanerd said about documenting process is really important. I know for me it was a really crucial part of my increasing interest in the monome community. I think the way % has a tumblr page for his process is really neat.


    Would love to be involved in that, if I was at all able too. Anyways, for the sake of this thread, please email me if you have any more Australasian thoughts. I'm based in Auckland.

  • Id advise looking music publishing rather than label, would anyone agree?

  • i'm completely interested in helping out in any way and would love to be involved. i think it all sounds like a great idea there's a possibility to do huge things with the community as a whole!

  • "blog-style on the wiki is something i'm actively working on, since i'm going to use the wiki for the main site.

    if anyone with web dev experience and free time want to help shape dokuwiki to these needs, let me know."

    I suppose this needs to happen first then once we have blog capabilities, we can get started. The artist wiki is there, so linking up with that should be easy.

    I for one cannot do these webby tasks. I am just a mere cheerleader.

    GO! GO! GO!

  • tehn, i'll be happy to donate a few hours to helping out w/ the wiki. send me a private message or e-mail and we can work it out. dinchak at gmail.

  • @phortran: thanks! first we have to figure out a structure of how data is stored, presented, etc.

    the wiki is ready to be a sandbox. there's a few database plugins that look promising, i'll add them and post when it's ready to hack up.

  • Ditto. I'm a web developer in my day job (currently w/ Warner Bros. Animation). I typically do more front-end work, but I'm happy to help wherever help's needed.

  • i think this is awesome!

    few thoughts:

    1 ~ this should stay democratic so as everyone in this community has an equal part of this endeavor.

    2 ~ i'm not a fan of music as a page opens but having some accessible player where everyone has an equal number of tracks to be cycled through would be a great way for newcomers to find some great art

    3 ~ are we thinking about having individual artist pages? i think it could be fun, however i worry about the server burden it might create for brian and kelli.

    what i love about this idea is taking a grassroots community to the next level and creating a sustainable artist circle that will help everyone get their work out there and hopefully create a solid way to get artists to play more nationally as well as internationally.

    in the end, count me in!

  • ye yes yes. does the server burden extend beyond large music files? if the music was hosted externally would traffic be an issue?

  • Could we aggregate soundcloud hosted music??? That might simplify the process

  • I think so... that would certainly be a way to keep server issues minimal. monome like.

  • wouldnt that be simpler also

  • i personally prefer bandcamp...

  • i dont think we would have to confine it to anything... blog posts can link to anywhere!

    EDIT: also, i'm thinking about converting the monome tour facebook page to something like this soon.

  • @watson good idea about the facebook page (i assume it has quite a few followers?)

    thought id add - music publishing makes more sense than music label.

  • Yes, i think this has definitely strayed from the idea of a label to more of a promotion engine. not that label is off the table, but this is a great way to easily build listeners. a place i think many people would tune in to. its just too much work to find everyones albums for a non forum user.